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  • New Scanner ..

    I thought you guys might find this interesting
    3-D printed / built with project link

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    Very impressive! Thanks!


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      As is this, if not more so!


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        I posted the following idea in another thread. Will include it here.

        Designing a new telecine is a big project unless we make it as simple as possible but still functional. Using the cog wheel transport seems to be the most elegant solution but it can go out of step with the frames often. Several designs are available out there but all of them have some type of monitoring mechanism that realigns the frames.
        The issue with that is complexity and you end up with something that is not very reliable.
        I scratched my head a bit and came up with the cog wheel + micro switch approach. The switch roller rides on the cogs and gets activated when close to the cog tip. If the cogs are too small, then another set of cogs can be designed in parallel just for the switch.
        The MSP430 drives the stepper until the switch is activated. Upon activation the MSP stops the stepper immediately and triggers the camera. It then waits for a preprogrammed time and activates the stepper again.
        This should be relatively simple to implement. And the added bonus is that it will work much better than Wolverine with the film that has missing perforations. The cost should also be relatively low.
        Here is a simple sketch of the idea.

        Instead of using a micro switch and optical encoder can be implemented similar to Wolverine trigger device. The cogwheel can have a flange with cutouts in it. The cutouts then match the cogs and the optical coupler provides the pulses as the wheel (pulley) rotates. If the processor is xtal controlled, then it may be possible to generate a precise FPS count say 5 FPS or 10 FPS. If a video cam is used to record at 30FPS then the extra frames can be easily removed.

        Obviously this is all a concept and a test rig would have to be put together to prove the concept. Perhaps I could use my DSLR test rig. Will see.