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Hawkeye camera spacer requirements

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  • Hawkeye camera spacer requirements

    Since people ask me from time to time for Hawkeye cameras spacer info I decided to include it here as a separate topic so that it does not get lost in pages and pages of other discussions.
    BUC02 with 16mm lens:
    20mm holder
    20mm spacers S8 rez- 2048x1526 overscan 1800x1300 cropped
    23mm spacers S8 rez - 1600x1200 overscan 1460x1100 cropped

    Here is the folder with test images:

    Looks like that the images with 20mm spacers are somewhat sharper indicating that the lens is still not reaching its limit as I earlier suspected. The improvement comes from higher pixel resolution. You can check the enclosed test images side by side.
    One downside is the scan speed which is 1 FPS max.

    BUC02 with 12mm lens:
    3/8" spacers:
    1280x1024 resolution
    Can run 2 FPS scan

    UX226 with 16mm lens:
    Standard holder + holder extension:
    5mm+8mm+1.5mm(adapter board) - 2500x1920 overscan - cropped a bit smaller

    Standard holder - no extension:
    8mm+15mm+1.5mm(adapter board) - 1600x1200 overscan 1400x1100 cropped