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Please , advise me to buy a projector for digitizing.

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  • Please , advise me to buy a projector for digitizing.

    Hello !

    I'm new here.
    I registered to ask a question about digitizing normal 8mm films. They are not many. 2 hours in total, but they are extremely valuable memories to me.
    I have a Luch-2 - Russian projector, through which I digitized everything a few days ago. very hard ! On the wall and with a Nikon D750 - on film settings from a tripod. Of course, as the first time - I did not like the result and I want to repeat. the projector is not very good technically and it happens to break the tape .. and this also breaks my heart !

    A month ago I digitized all the VHS tapes my family has. Capture card, computer, lossless format , virtual dub , etc.

    But.. but with 8mm - things are obviously more complicated.

    I read a lot about the chinese Wolverine and its other variants.I decided not to buy and I to try again, but more prepared, and the main thing for me is to take a sprocketless projector so as not to damage the film further.
    For the films .. they are not in good condition at all. Over the years I remember that we watched them a lot and they are for cleaning and gluing again. I bought a gluing device /russian / , isopropyl alcohol for cleaning , etc. to restore the film condition and clean it before I start anything.
    I plan to do it the same way - a projector on the wall with a DSLR on a tripod. The results are not like in a digital studio, but it suits me.

    Оr as Grandpa used to say - let's do what we have to do - to have at least a little, because if we do nothing - we will have nothing.

    In this regard , can you recommend me a stable sprocketless projector to use ?
    My sister lives in USA and can help.I'm waiting for her to return to Bulgaria in a month or two. She can bring it to me and check it there during the deal far as possible of course.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Peter. I advise you to buy a commercial film (a cartoon, a comedy or whatever) to check your projector and make your different tests. So, it will prevent your precious family films from damages. It's easy to find very cheap films so it worths have a look.


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      Yes, a decent projector is a must for a good start.

      Sankyo Dualux 2000H seems to be a good candidate for this task. Solid performer, very reliable, pretty gentle to films. I can only see lots of recommendations here for this one.

      I only have Yelco projector (MP330 or something) not Sankyo, but pretty similar in terms of design. And it works quite good too.


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        Hi , guys !

        And thanks for response !

        Yes, I read about this Sankyo 2000h after your proposal, Mr. Nantawat , the machine is good and I will look to buy one.


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          Mr. Nantawat...Yelco Mp330 is sprocket less too ?
          Ask because the price is very good compared with sankyo 2000 h.


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            In the late 1970's and into the 80's I used to use the EUMIG 610D which will project a steady 8mm and Super 8 image for you. A nice projector which if loved is reliable. In the UK they sell for around £30 to £50. Project onto a light grey card which will help take out some of the Halogen lamp hot spot for you when filming off screen.


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              Originally posted by Peter Tsachev View Post
              Mr. Nantawat...Yelco Mp330 is sprocket less too ?
              Ask because the price is very good compared with sankyo 2000 h.
              Definitely yes. It's principally sprocketless as those famous Sankyo.
              So if you find an offer for this one in full working order & reasonable price, go get it.

              However I've just realized that my Yelco is actually MP350 which uses widely available EFP12V 100W lamp, not MP330 which uses now-obsolete cxr/cxl 8v 50w lamp. You may have to verify this beforehand.

              If it's really the case, prepare for ridiculously expensive replacement lamp (possibly MORE EXPENSIVE than the projector itself). Or you may have to take some DIY route to replace it with some more readily available lamp instead.


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                Thanks !

                So you advise me to search MP-350.Understood !


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                  Sankyo i sad seems a little expensive to me. But I guess there's a reason.
                  I'll look for an MP-350, and if a cheaper sankyo 2000h comes up ... Will decide . I'll wait, I won't hurry


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                    Just in case if that MP330 is the only option, and you feels don't like to spend 30-50$ for a lamp that will last for only 50 hrs or less...

                    With little modification you'll be able to digitize your films with direct tru-the-lens method, instead of conventional off-the-wall approach.
                    Seems complicated, but here are only modifications you'll need.
                    1. Replace the original lamp with some LED panel. Anything that's small enough that can be tucked into the lamp housing. A diffuser might be necessary to diffuse the light further. Nothing particular - anything white & translucent (thin Styrofoam, milk bottle, tracing paper, etc.) would do.
                    2. Find a 16mm projector lens to be used as a "loupe" to magnify the image large enough for the camera. Mine is standard 50mm 1:1.6 lens found on virtually all old 16mm projectors.
                    3. Some improvisation to have a "rig" for the camera to stand still & close to the projector. I use a steel plate with 3-point screw leg made by a machine shop nearby for around 10$. You might get some even better idea than this.

                    Overall cost would be around 20-50$, but this will make your setup very flexible and can be used with various cameras/projectors. Be it camcorder or mirrorless camera - they'll most likely to work. The result will be better than any off-the-wall setup can be achieved.


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                      Those old non halogen lamps are rated at only 25hrs at full brightness.


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                        I have a Sankyo Dualux 1000-H which I can thoroughly recommend. It is dual gauge and uses the easily available (and cheap) 100 watt,12 volt, EFP lamp.
                        Sankyo Dualux 1000-H – Spare Part Finder – Van Eck Video Services (

                        The Yelco MP 350, mentioned above by Nantawat, is a very similar projector and uses the same lamp. I do not have one so cannot explain any further.
                        Yelco MP-350 – Spare Part Finder – Van Eck Video Services (