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Independent 8 Christmas Competition reminder

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  • Independent 8 Christmas Competition reminder

    Christmas Competition - 1994

    There is a list of 16 Films from 1994, all are missing one word from the title, all you have to do is fill it in and send the answers either by post or email.
    There will be 3 prizes in total initially; if I get over 30 entries I’ll add another prize for every 10 extra entries, so it’s down to you now!
    First Prize £20 Credit Note – 2nd Prize £15 Credit Note –
    3rd Prize £10 Credit Note

    What’s The Missing Word from the Title?

    Ace Ventura – Pet ---------
    My ---- 2
    On ------ Ground
    Four -------- and a Funeral
    Naked Gun 33 1/3 – The ----- Insult
    Beverley ----- Cop 3
    Wyatt ----
    Baby’s --- Out
    True ----
    Star ---- Generations
    The ---- King
    When a Man loves a -----
    Getting ---- With Dad
    Forrest ----
    Natural Born -------
    Bullets ---- Broadway

    There you have it, the competition has been inspired by the length of time I’ve been trading as Independent 8

    Who’d have thought I’d still be going 25 years later!

    The Competition Runs until 31st December 2019

    Send your answers to

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    Now up to 24 entries, still time though, you've got until December 31st to send in your entries!


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      This is your last chance, I've got a total of 29 entries now, if you'd like to enter you only have today to do so (31st December).