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Eagle moss DB5 Car

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  • Eagle moss DB5 Car

    Eaglemoss DB5 Car it was built it didnt say if they had the car to make it light up engine running and horn

    Eaglemoss James Bond DB5 Aston Martin M 1:8 | eBay

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    Having one of these in a house with a little boy would be a foolish act!
    When I was a little kid it would have been too much temptation to resist!

    ("Welll...It's in a glass case, but the cover is on with maybe 8 Philips-head screws, so I'll........and I can put it back before they get home.")

    Frankly, I wouldn't completely trust myself with it now. I've always had a thing for working models and looking at it as a display piece wouldn't cut it for me.