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    I must admit the first time I went to a foreign country, I crossed the border on a train from Scotland to England I had my defence up, strange people the English

    Anyway this little video was very interesting about travel, although I would add its not a good idea to hitchhike around NZ on your own. We were in the local library a while back, and there was this young lady taking photos. After speaking to her, she said she came from Serbia and was hitchhiking around NZ. She thought it was safe to do so, I said otherwise, she said with a smile, you sound like my Dad, I replied your dad is right.

    Anyway she was having a great time here, but I did add, do be careful, "and never" hitchhike on your own .

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    No Graham - it’s the Scottish that are strange. What other men would wear a skirt with nothing underneath and eat Haggis😜😊


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      Funny thing that when we as a family visited my parents in Scotland, near the end I suggested we look around the sights of London on our way back. Yvonne and the kids are New Zealanders I should add. Anyway after telling my parents about London, they said why go there with young children?, its full of long queue of tourists, why not look around Glasgow instead?.

      Glasgow I thought, your kidding I would have never thought of doing that, well we did do just that, and my parents were right, Glasgow was interesting to look around and Yvonne and the kids had a great time. Its interesting that we always look at other places, but not what is on our own doorstep.

      The same goes for New Zealanders, they travel the world, but many have not seen there own country. The Covid virus and the restrictions on travel has made people look more closely at home, and helped the local tourist trade to survive to a certain extent.

      Anyway I thought this interview was interesting.



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        After spending an afternoon in Glasgow when traveling all week on an all-line rail rover in the 1980's I recently stayed there for a few days. It had changed quite a bit and I enjoyed myself a lot.