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  • CHC May sale event

    There was a good turn out at CHC for the May event and I had a good time and managed to come home with some good films. Disney's Cinderella and Mickey's Circus and a couple more. This was despite weather (raining all day) and transport trouble local train to Kings Cross out due to broken down freight train up the line, many trains to and from my changing point being cancelled or running later due to finding cracks in the new Hitachi stock. That was known about early enough for it to be in the railway magazine I bought Wednesday last week so why they took so long to check I don't know. Still the films meting people I know, a couple of beers outside the bar on the station and a partial refund of my fare because of the delays made things better. As did the way the railway staff sorted out putting people on the trains that were running.

    Here's hoping all (railway and Covid restrictions) will be sorted out for their August event.

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    I forgot to add on the Blackpool front that inquiries have been made with the hotel about booking a weekend his year but the Events Team will not be back at work until 17th May and Mrs Guest has been told to call back after then. So potentially good news for this year.


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      Let's hope so Brian, I think a film fair is what's needed, Mark


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        We veey much need a film event .


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          Cheers to that...Shorty