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  • Christmas Bargain Sites.

    We all like a bargain, whether a free pdf or a cut price cine gadget. But it's a case of be wary.
    Search on for info on a recent purchase I found I could still buy this exact second hand a used product for less than half the price. Now. EBay isn't cheap and if you stumble over local aution site that are legit you'll know that there are huge savings to be had. All above board, just being lucky. So price wise you can never really know if you're being had or not. You need to dig a little.
    As chrimbo is on its way do look out for scams.
    I'm pretty sure this site is a scam.
    https //www siliacle top
    I've not made it a direct click link
    Same goes with "just add credit card details, no payment is taken" to download a pdf or join a bargain group.
    Look out for scams and shop safe. Infact pay as much as you can for something happy in the knowlage you were ripped of but actually got the product you paid for 😊

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    During the covid outbreak dodgy dealings were rife and once the lock in started although i worked right thru it we wanted to install the 4K home cinema upgrade. We tripped up immediately with a supplier sending the new projector and player.
    The projector was used and faulty plus the player was missing parts. After any amount of excuses I moved it onto the buyer protection card people who eventually sorted ithe mess out for us.
    Christmas is a special time for many and no so for many as well particularly in global difficult times.
    ​​well.We like going to a shop or film fair to purchase goods face to face best of all our preffered way to shop for what we like. The global professional film traders are reliable and good to buy from remotely, probably more than any other trade in our book.

    I see the contact less payment thing is being increased to £100 in England now, personally I would rather it was left as is.

    Buying did develop into a rather silly lottery at the start of lockdown. We ordered a new disabled car from Halshaw, took delivery and it broke after 4 days! 4 months later still no sign of our car and the spare parts guys telling us "computer say no parts" absolutely useless. It was at our request left with them as no fit for purpose and we regained mobility thanks to a good dealer who jumped thru hoops for us.
    Yes be careful.