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All About Kodak: A history and deep dive into film technology

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  • All About Kodak: A history and deep dive into film technology

    I found a podcast of interest to all Photographers and Cinematographers called "Camerosity" which describes itself as, "The Camerosity Podcast is the world’s first open source film photography podcast."

    I listened to their latest podcast "Episode 8: Making Kodak Film with Robert Shanebrook" which I found very interesting.

    This week on the Camerosity Podcast, we are joined by film historian, author, and ex-Kodak employee, Robert Shanebrook who gives us 90 straight minutes of pure Kodak history, covering everything from how film is made, his work on Apollo 11 designing cameras for moon photography, what is ESTAR base, whether or not Kodachrome will ever come back and much, much more...
    This Week's Episode topics

    Introducing Robert Shanebrook, Author of "Making Kodak Film"
    What is ESTAR base?
    Differences between cinema and still photography film bases
    Why do some films have a transparent base?
    Will Kodak ever bring back Kodachrome?
    How color film is coated
    Kodak helped advance digital photography, until it killed them
    How much of Kodak's film business was cinema film?

    Podcast home page:
    Episode 8:
    Robert Shanebrook: