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  • I don't believe it!

    I woke up this morning, looked at my PC, it said I have an update waiting to go in, now I'm wary after the other day, I closed everything down and saved everything, started the update, and to my surprise it looks as if Windows 11 has been taken out, I'm back onto Windows 10, and ALL my missing files have re-appeared, which is great, but everything I'd done inbetween has gone, so I've had to redo my Christmas Competition, but what is going on with Microsoft, I'm really left befuddled by all this, still at least I'm no longer searching for missing names and addreses, but this has been a very stressful time, that should never have happened, so everyone be vary wary about updating to Windows 11.

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    Apparently, Microsoft must have had a major ration of complaints from customers, but, as you stated, NOW you have to redo, what you just did, to compensate from they're "cock up" in the first place! You would think that Microsoft would test they're updates ahead of time, before issuing them. It makes one wonder what else could have been added or subtracted to people's PC's? Perhaps unwanted spyware? As I advised before, turn off all updates coming into your PC. Your PC functioned just fine before all "updates", right?


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      I agree with Osi, forget the updates. My computer is working fine but keeps requesting me to let it update from 8.1, but there is no way I will do that. Been down that road before, I know if I did I would be facing the same nightmare as Barry.


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        This is why not very deep down, I really dislike devices connected to the internet. It was at one time when you bought something, other than wear and tear it stayed as you bought it: you bought a coupe and never once did you look out the window and find it had grown a third door.

        Yet the people you buy all these handy digital things from can reach inside and change them in ways you may not particularly like. (-and these days, this just might include your car too!)

        Software driven objects basically are and do whatever their programming tell them to be and do. My cellphone used to have cursor keys on the virtual keyboard and I found that very useful. One day there was an update and they disappeared! They forced a Windows update on me at work a couple of times and all of a sudden I had to re-learn how to use a computer.

        -then again there was that time Microsoft announced they weren't supporting the Windows we were using after a certain date, and because the machines we were using didn't support the new one we had to buy something like 5,000 new computers!
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          A similar thing happened to me some months ago. I was invited to click to install Windows 11. After a long time it announced that it was unable to complete the download.
          Now, it had to return and download the previous Windows 10 which took a long time to do. A complete waste of time.
          But that was before my old computer, (previously bought as Windows 7) eventually packed up.


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            Nice to hear your are getting thing back Baz


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              If Microsoft was a British Company they would be in deep trouble with Trading standards regulations as they are selling a product which is "not fit for Purpose" and they purchaser would be entitled to compensation for losses, and damage to his property i.e. Retreiving data etc lost as a consequence of their action. What other company do you know which sell a product and relies on the customer to reports its faults. One other thing I have discovered is that if you do instal a windows system and you have a hardware breakdown they do not allow you to re instal it on another computer telling you the product code is invalid or not genuine an pressurise you to purchase the latest product. I have noticed that this is also happening with other "software" products which mysteriously suddenly stop working!! GRRR!!! Ken Finch.