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    We were out and about today and forgot it was "Super Saturday" today, or as my better half "Jab A Thon" It was a day when people are encouraged to get the Covid jab in the mall itself, a push to get more people vaccinated. The response what we saw was very good they even had a Cars bouncy castle

    The police were outside the Mall doing a sausage sizzle free for everyone. Although we have already had our jabs, the police still offered us one, so we had to take a couple of photos with Yvonne phone.

    I have to say I am not a sausage fan, in fact I don't like them, however those one were very good, When I went back to say thanks, she said...Stanmore Road butchers so as Yvonne is more into this kind of stuff we will have to pay them a visit

    PS.....Well folks I think it reached 120.000 today so far right throughout NZ. I have to say its been quite a success. The actual name for today is called "Vaxathon". Back in the 1970-80s there used to be the "Telethon", that seen like a million years ago since something like that was done. This however has been a push to get more Covid vaccinated with "give away" things like the sausage sizzle, ice creams and so on. I have added a two more photos below "not mine" just below the ones I took, but from the news. One being a "free ice cream" if you get the jab, plus another, of a certain other person visiting a youth festival who was involved in this idea of a Vaxathon day

    Well that's todays news
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    How great to see a such a social event happening and great pictures capturing the moment as well.


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      It's amazing just how much the world has changed since the Advent of the covid. I didn't believe the news when pundits said that the world would never be the same, but I really think that it is true now.


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        I remember when you first brought up the topic on that virus on the old forum, you were right, the world will never be the same, tragically so many have suffered or lost there lives since then and continue to do so. Even with a vaccine I think its going to be around for a long time yet, in one form or another.

        I also remember posting this link of the end credits of a film we ran at the cinema a while back. The film makers really did hit the nail on the head, pity more people did not take notice of what was coming.


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          In the UK we have 96% with anti bodies, but its still spreading like wild fire.

          No masks etc on the whole so that does make for a higher viral load for those who catching it.

          Hope eveyone masks up at Blackpool this year.

          Looks like they are taking it very seriously but also with a real comunity spirit there Grahm.

          Great stuff.

          Best Mark.

          We just had a serious contact, run of it in the family so I`m out of peoples way for a good fornight to be on the safe side.


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            Despite how much I would like it to be different, this covid junk is no doubt going to be the " new flu" and we'll need a new jab every year, until we have so many jabs that we melt into a well medicated pile of glue!


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              Originally posted by Mark Todd View Post
              In the UK we have 96% with anti bodies, but its still spreading like wild fire.

              Isn't that 96% only the over 16's? I believe the spread as mainly now in under 16's and immuno-deficient people (and other non-vaccinated whose natural immunity from previous infection has waned due to time.


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                Yesterday afternoon we went and had our booster shots at the local marae vaccination clinic. What impressed me the most, was the large number of families with kids getting there jabs just before school starts, after the summer the break tomorrow. From 5 years old and up, its available, although it was "very" busy, I was impressed how well behaved the kids were, with coloring in competitions while they wait, not only for the vaccination but having to hang around for another 15 minutes afterwards, until there name was called to be able to go, just in case of a reaction.

                Afterwards we went to "muffin break" at the mall, but was disappointed to find there was no "police" presence doing a "sausage sizzle" . I guess they must have been away fighting crime somewhere. .