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Film service in Europe High-jacking the super 8mm hobby - please read

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  • Film service in Europe High-jacking the super 8mm hobby - please read

    There is a company in Italy that provides 8mm film striping - and other " film " related services that is high-jacking the hobby by dictating to customers what services the customer MUST have done - or else they won't do business .
    This type of attitude is about to KILL the hobby , especially for new releases and will place the responsibility of getting customer's sound striping / recorded as their problem .
    Although this particular company says sound recording is " optional " , they are trying to dictate now that it is a " must " .
    And at a charge of 80 Euros , per reel ( regardless of it being 200 feet or larger ) . Go figure if you had 10 reels the cost for sound recording would be 800 Euros , 600 MORE Euros than having it done by someone in the USA OR 800 MORE Euros than recording sound yourself !

    First of all , YOU DO NOT DICTATE to a customer , period !

    Without naming the company , I'm sure you all know who it is .

    They have LOST my business , period , for ever and guess what ? They are not the only game in town after all , like they think they are .

    Do they know what they are doing ? Evidently not but they are about to loose a lot of business and make it unaffordable to any consumer .

    This was a VERY IMPORTANT notification to all film collectors and buyers .

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    So you found another company doing sound striping?


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      If I did , I wouldn't announce it here .


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        I am v​​​ery happy to hear that there is an actual option you can go to Dave! I hope that the quality level will be right up there. It's always best when there are options, as a monopoly on any service means higher prices for everyone. It's like the gas situation. A few main companies dictate how much will be charged and whether we like it or not, we have to pay it, as we, as a general rule, cannot live without it. The more options are out there, the better the circumstances. I ran into the same circumstances with a certain company. They/he wouldn't color treat my reddish film without also magnetically striping it, and no matter how many ways I asked as to why it was absolutely essential to also have the striping as part of the service, as to why it was necessary, he never would explain. While I do appreciate having the color treated film, I wish it had never been striped, and it is the same "un-named" company that you refer to.


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          Thank you for sharing that experience . It's all just to get more money out of you - at an inflated rate - just like charging you 150 Euros to ship it back .
          Someone else I know is having the same problem with this company - only worse ! This company is recording sound on films WHICH WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOUND and is charging the customer for it ! And this was AFTER they were told which films to record sound on .
          Sounds like a lawsuit to me .


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            Presume it is Alberto you are talking about? Would the magnetic restriping requirement be because the colour treatment does something to the original stripe i.e make it come off or make it unstable.

            Hope there is a reliable alternative source that can stripe new movies. Getting it to adhere to modern film stock was an issue for Derann.


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              Surely the Italian companies approach will only ultimately lead to loss of customers and business for themselves. The best thing with businesses of this sort is to vote with your feet and don’t use them. The hobby is dear enough already and everyone seems to want a bigger slice of the pie which will only destroy the chances of future super 8 releases.

              These people as David said, will unless alternatives can be found, price the hobby out of existence.


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                Thank you for that comment , Phil .
                Isn't GREED what destroyed the Roman Empire ?


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                  Originally posted by David Baker View Post
                  Thank you for that comment , Phil .
                  Isn't GREED what destroyed the Roman Empire ?
                  Not really. There are a number of reasons for destruction but overwhelming attacks or immigration by the Barbarians is one of the main causes. Happens to most Empires roughly after 250 years.


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                    It was a pleasure David, I hope you find a good alternative and wish you the best with your future film releases.


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                      The only way to have this company change its ways is to vote with your feet or pocketbook - hopefully there are other alternatives out there - and soon. I just can't understand why any good business person would turn away paying customers by trying to force an "all or nothing" service on customers. At a minimum - services should be offered a-la-carte with "bundled" discounts where available. You should NEVER turn away business if at all possible.

                      Certainly a very puzzling business model. Perhaps when sales / business decline the owner will update their business model and rethink what they are doing.

                      It's always a good thing to have multiple providers of these services.