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Welcome To The New 8mm Forum!

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  • Welcome To The New 8mm Forum!

    The new 8mm Forum site is now online (obviously)! The good news? The new forum software has a staggering amount of features. The not so good news? The new forum software has a staggering amount of features. I’d like to say this will be a seamless transition from our previous site, however I suspect there will be a number of seams…..For me, there’s a lot to figure out. I’m sure many of you will adapt quickly,

    Probably the best way to do this is in FAQ style.

    • What is the address of our new site?

    • We can just enter our passwords and start posting, right?

    Not so fast….we’ll all need to register for the new site. Brad and I will do our best to handle the approvals quickly.

    • What happens to the old site, our home for the past 16 years?

    That will become a reference site. The vast amount of information may be accessed and linked to, however there will be no more posting there. I’m sure there will be many times on the new Forum that we’ll need to refer to the old one, so my suggestion is to call it the GOF (Grand Old Forum). Actually, you can access the GOF by clicking on the "Forum Archive" link on the home page.

    • Will there be an overlap period when posting can be done on both the GOF & new Forum?

    To avoid confusion, no.

    • Let’s get to the important part. What about uploading pictures?

    Easy as pie. There’s no size limit, plus you can choose how large you want the picture to appear in your post.

    • What other features are there?

    The new Forum will tell you who’s online, you can access a member list, you can choose to be notified when there’s a reply to your post. You may upload your own member pictures. Every time I’ve tried out the new site, I find something new.

    • When do we start?


    Please register by clicking on the “Login or Sign Up” link located at the upper left on this page. Follow the directions and please remember: To register for the 8mm Forum, you MUST use your real name. Nicknames or first names only are not permitted. After choosing a password, you will then receive an email with the subject “Action Required to Activate Membership for ….. “ Click on the URL in the message to confirm your email address. Your account will be validated and validation is a good thing.

    Thanks to Brad Miller for both the software upgrade and the brand new servers. Our membership is an amazing group of people who share a love of film, and I look forward to us continuing on in our shiny new digs.

    Welcome to the 8mm Forum!