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My 16mm/Super8 Basement Screening Room

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  • My 16mm/Super8 Basement Screening Room

    Hey all!

    My name's Austin Snell and I'm an indie filmmaker from Lawrence, KS. I'm here because I LOVE 16mm. Compared to some of the amazing screening spaces you all have set up, I'm definitely a novice. But here is what I've managed to put together after getting into this hobby about a year ago...

    My basement is pretty long and there is no diving wall between the projectors and the seating area. That screen is 8'8" wide. I've been using a Kodak Pageant and love it dearly. Having immediate access to the film path is a weight off my mind when you consider how much prints cost. It's never come close to doing me wrong yet. But as I said before, I'm a newbie...

    The only tricky part was figuring out how to do an audio-out signal with the pageant's 3/16" jack. But I was able to piece together a cable/line level solution and run into my Rockwell amp. Super8 runs through that too. Speakers up from are Yamaha NS-6490 bookshelf speakers, and they sound great for a concrete basement. Super8 projector is a Sankyo ST-800 which is finicky with older films but works perfectly otherwise.

    Rewind table and mini-fridge for cold storing musty prints are in the back by the projectors. I have a print of The 400 Blows on 16mm with an english dub that smelled faintly of vinegar. So I got this situation set up to try to extend it's life as best i could.

    Then there's the film collection itself. I don't have a massive collection, but I love all the titles I have. Every friday my wife and I watch a feature and use our popcorn machine (not pictured). Next week we will be watching my newly acquired scope UK LPP print of "Supergirl" (1984).

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    That's a very nice setup you have. As a New York apartment dweller, I've wished I had a basement (or garage, or backyard) many times. I'm glad you have a print of Ghidrah in your super 8 collection. That was my favorite when I first started collecting.



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      Thanks Doug! Ghidrah is fun, I'm a die-hard Godzilla fan (have a TOHO tattoo on my left forearm). But the crown jewel of my kaiju collection is my german digest of Terror of Mechagodzilla (the box is labeled King Kong - Godzilla...Im assuming "king kong" was just a catch-all title for anything kaiju related in Germany?). The color on that one is immaculate.

      Someday I will get my hands on a 16mm feature of a Godzilla movie. Someday...


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        Well done Austin I love your projector stand and after 50 years I eventually got round to making my own as well
        Bide your time film wants to eventually turn up. I was looking for a 16mm print of Secret Partner Stew Granger and found a print at a collectors event 30 years of looking and in the same year found another!


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          Very Nice!!


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            Very nice setup. When you eventually get to the point where you have several hundred feature, you will know that your hobby has taken over your life.


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              Thanks everyone!

              I'm sure I'll get there someday, Mitchell 😅


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                Nice work Austin!


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                  Thanks, ross! Your setup is very cool as well