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Wanted: GOKO Sound Unit compatible with GOKO GM3003 editor/viewer

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  • Wanted: GOKO Sound Unit compatible with GOKO GM3003 editor/viewer

    I've just purchased, and am waiting to receive, a GOKO GM3003 viewer, and I am looking to acquire a sound unit that is designed to be mounted on the accessory shoe of the GM3003. I think they were made under the brand names GOKO or ERNO, and were manufactured by Sansei Koki. They have a separate 9v power supply. I live in Los Angeles, and would be interested in purchasing a clean, functioning Sound Unit.

    I've found some expired/sold listings for these items, usually titled "GOKO Sound Unit" as well as inventory listings marked "unavailable" so I would appreciate any assistance or direction in finding one of these!

    I'm in the process of reviewing my family's S8 archive, and some of them have sound stripes- I know my father had a sound S8 camera. I'd like to be able to evaluate these recordings for quality and to see if they are worth digitizing. I also may try and digitize the sound using the Sound Unit output.

    Thanks, and cheers.

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    While I hope you find one, I would like you to know that the the sound output from these units is of very poor quality. I would not judge a soundtrack using these, as everything sounds tinny. The best way of evaluating your Super 8 sound recordings (and digitizing the output) is with either a sound projector or higher quality sound editors such as Goko's RM-8008, RM-5000 and the Erno RE-904, which is the same machine rebranded.



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      I have to agree with Doug on the poor quality of those sound units. Other than the tiny sound... trying to turn the film at a consistent speed is near impossible. The sound is either at to fast or two slow. I ended up selling my sound unit for that reason.


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        Very handy for editing though.

        This add on unit is completely fine if you are not looking to judge sound quality and are making up a show reel of adverts, trailers & shorts. It is then a usefull device to edit your reel together by sound rather than picture which is more acurate.


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          Thanks, all, for your advice! I've decided not to get the one unit I've found here in LA- it costs as much as the editor I just received! So, I'll keep my eyes open for a cheaper unit, and focus on restoring our old ST-1200 that used to play back sound just fine. Cheers