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Eumig 824 Sonomatic (spares or donor machine - broken claw pin) for sale SOLD

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  • Eumig 824 Sonomatic (spares or donor machine - broken claw pin) for sale SOLD

    Hi all! Hopefully this is of interest to somebody.

    I've finally listed the Eumig 824 I had issues with a while back on eBay, as I a) don't have the confidence to attempt a repair myself and b) managed to get hold of a similar machine, and can't justify having 2 around. Sorry to see it go, but I hope someone finds it of use!
    Its set as an auction but also with the 'buy it now' option enabled - auction starting at £10, 'buy it now' price of £30, either way add postage of £16.62 (it's a heavy beast!) - posting to UK only, apologies to international viewers.
    Listing will end on Monday 13th September 2021, but will probably relist if it doesn't go.

    The listing contains:
    One (not working) Eumig 824 projector, including a working 100w bulb, Eumig Vario Eupronet 1,6/17-30 lens, and all removable internal 'bits' (film pressure plate, standard 8 gate, super 8 gate and both super 8 sprocket adapters)
    No cables, no manual, no original box.

    Details on the machine's condition:
    Mechanical / functional flaws:
    • Claw pin missing (see image 9 for detail) - the breakage of this tiny but crucial pin was identified thanks to members of this forum earlier this year - very grateful for the assistance I received there. This is the key issue I suppose
    • Plastic wedge above the gate missing - there should be a small wedge near the start of the threading path, whose absence makes it more difficult for the film to thread without manual intervention (visible in 5th and 6th images, or rather not visible)
    • Less major - sound level meter not working - though films with sound strips played very well when the machine was operational, the needle on the meter always reads maximum (best visible in 1st image, down & to the right of the 'Sonomatic' logo)
    Cosmetic flaws:
    • Cover on inching knob missing (4th image, the silver knob on the back of the machine)
    • Cover on framing control knob missing (1st image, to right of 'Sonomatic' logo)
    • Cover on focus knob quite scratched (1st image, to the right of 'Eumig 824' logo)
    • (not a flaw but something odd - a previous owner has modified the machine to have a cable coming out the back ending in a unknown fitment. The purpose is unknown but it does not affect the machine's operation)
    The projector was fully functional and running smoothly before the loss of the claw pin. The lamp lights, the motor spins and all moves as it should.

    If there's any further info I can provide, do let me know! Thanks for reading all this.

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    Now sold!