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Eumig p8 lamp conversion.

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  • Eumig p8 lamp conversion.

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ID:	19783 Hi. I am visiting my mum who has a Eumig p8 lurking in the loft that was not working due to the bulb having gone. My brother ordered a conversion kit instead of a new bulb, but it has come with no instructions. Unfortunately he now can't visit mum due to covid restrictions. I am just wondering how easy it is to convert it so that we can set it up.

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    Welcome and well done. Main thing is take your time and you will need a few small nuts and bolts. Always work on equipment disconnected from the mains supply. Note the position of the old lamp/bulb filament as you will need to align the new Halogen lamp in a similar position.
    You have the white holder which will support the lamp and supply the 12 volts needed to run it.


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      Hello Louisa, The conversion of Eumig P8 lamps is a constant source of conversations on the forum. Delving back into the archives will reveal this.
      However you will need a lot more than your photograph to make this work.
      Was the kit sold specificaly as a tungsten to quarz conversion for Eumig P8?
      The 2 tungsten lamps Eumig used are designated A1/186 [2 pin base] and A1/193 [4 pin base].
      Conversion of the 2 pin would be easier but both are far from simple to convert.At one time a conversion was made for the 2 pin which simply fitted into the original base, but never for the 4 pin.
      what you have received seems to be a replacement spotlight base as used in shop lighting Sorry for not sounding positive, but this not uncommon.However if your Eumig is a NOVO series you are in luck you don`t need to convert as the bulb will fit straight in! Good Luck Tom