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Fraternally Yours edited?

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  • Mike Newell
    One of the least edited Walton features. They tended to cut the more adult scenes for some reason. The smoking scene at the convention and Ollie blackmailing Stan that he would tell his wife he smoked if he didn’t stick to their story back at the house The girls dancing at the convention might also be slightly edited.Cant think of anything else that is missing.

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  • Osi Osgood
    started a topic Fraternally Yours edited?

    Fraternally Yours edited?

    Hey everyone! I know that often Walton editions of films, cartoons or features, tended to be slightly edited, but not always. Therefore, was the Walton edition of the Laurel and Hardy feature, "Fraternally Yours" (Sons of the Desert) edited and, if so, what is missing?