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Any recommendations for a super 8 film scanner?

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  • Any recommendations for a super 8 film scanner?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been looking for a super 8 film scanner, but I'm not confident enough to make a decision on which one to get. To start with, it seems like there aren't that many options out there.

    There's the Wolverine Data Film2Digital Movie Maker (and similar such models) and the Pacific Image Reflecta (see links for both below).

    I'm not sure which of the two is the best option. One reason I've been apprehensive in buying a scanner is I've heard that the consumer level super 8 scanners often have terrible image quality. Now the majority of what I'll be scanning will be old family it's not like I'm starting off with high resolution images...all the same I'd like to preserve as much of the image quality as I can.

    I've done the math for sending out my films to a lab or a scanning service. In the long run, it'll be in my best interest to get a scanner, considering I still shoot with super 8.

    If either of the choices above are terrible, can someone please recommend a good model? I do have some standard 8mm films, so it would be great to get a scanner that scans both.

    One other thing, some of the film I'm transferring has sound. I don't suppose any scanners out there have the ability to transfer the sound as well? If not, what's the best way to transfer the sound? Record the sound by using the headphone jack on a projector?

    I apologize for all the questions. As you can see, i have little experience with this and I don't want to make the wrong decision and pick a scanner that is bad.

    I'd appreciate any advice!



    Pacific Image Reflecta:

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    Hi Robert...This question belongs in the "Film to Digital Transfer" section of the Forum. The experts on the Wolverine hangout there and I'm sure they have an opinion on the Reflecta too. Others here like myself have DIY realtime and/or frame-by-frame telecine setups. I'm not a fan of either the consumer lever scanners you mention because of the .mp4 compression artifacts. However some have made extensive mods to address some of the Wolverine shortcomings.


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      Hi Janice, sorry about that! I'll re-post this in the film-transfer section. Thanks for the input on the Wolverine, hopefully I'll be able to get more info on it. Can the moderator kindly delete this post?


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        Robert has re-posted here.

        This topic is now closed.