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  • End of Days ...

    Was this a fairly limited print run by Derann? I've rarely seen any of them.

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    I think Derann did quite a few prints (perhaps not one of their biggest sellers though!), but it's that "SCOPE" thing again, scope prints seem to stay in peoples collections for a lot longer time than standard ratio prints, I'm not sure why, but it is a fact!


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      I have a copy it is excellent color I am a Arnold fan not for sale


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        Twas my first input into making a S8 release happen back in el day. The master was pristine but the S8 printed up was a bit soft sadly with a slight yellow tint, not the labs best work towards the end having viewed the 35mm previously which was pin sharp.
        I retained the first answer print and a nice keepsake from the final throws of UK releases.

        We nearly had T3 in feature form as well but came a little late in the day.😪


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          And I was one who paid my £50 deposit for T3 but was refunded within weeks sadly . Still I have the nice scope T3 trailer from CHC .

          Graham S


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            In the Oct 2008 Derann newsletter this was labelled as a 475ft reel in scope shown in a page of reduced price films (new) at £59.99 down from £79. To give an example of other discounts on the same page "Hello Dolly" was down from £375 to £250.


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              Eye lad. Put much free time into that project Gray but you never know one day we may see a feature or a 600ftr, I know lots of interest in that title hovers over the UK even yet 🤔 so the idea is never terminated.