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Elmo ST800 replacement LEAD BALANCE WEIGHT

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  • Elmo ST800 replacement LEAD BALANCE WEIGHT

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for the large round cast lead/metal weight? I received a projector with the weight broken. Part circled in red in photo. Click image for larger version

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    Hi Charles,

    That's a flywheel. Its job is to smooth the pulsating motion of the film from the claw at the gate so it can flow at a uniform speed over the sound head.

    I don't see anything wrong with the one in the picture, is this a picture of the one that's broken?


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      Originally posted by Steve Klare View Post
      ... I don't see anything wrong with the one in the picture, is this a picture of the one that's broken?
      I've never known a flywheel to be broken. Perhaps Charles could explain further.


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        Well, I suppose it is possible for one of these to literally become broken.

        -I'd hate to image what the projector it was installed in would look like afterwards, but it's at least possible!


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          I believe that this is not an actual picture of Charles' projector.
          It does seem to be an original from Van Eck's website.
          Elmo Sound ST-800 Magnetic – Spare Part Finder – Van Eck Video Services (


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            I saw "Elmo ST800 replacement LEAD" and I thought "Oh, NO! -another lost power cord!" (-bad one to lose, too...)

            Then I saw "LEAD balancing" and I thought "It's a single phase circuit: it's automatically balanced!

            Then I saw "weight", and I finally gave up and opened the thread.

            (Besides, I'm pretty sure it's aluminum!)


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              I’ve just received an ST800 as part of a bulk film purchase and it is in excellent condition, except for no sound… time to take it the “repair shop”…. I have a GS1200 and a couple of ST1200s but this ST800 seems like a very nice projector. Sorry for the off topic comment.


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                Very often the ones sitting around waiting for a new home build up oxides on the switches that the audio signals can't get past.

                This often works, not always, but often enough:



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                  Thanks Steve, I will certainly try that and report back.


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                    This is my broken flywheel. Help me find a new one. It is weirdly cracked all over even on the rim.


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                      Originally posted by Charles Titone View Post
                      This is my broken flywheel. Help me find a new one. It is weirdly cracked all over even on the rim.
                      I was reapiring a water faucet made of (kind like) steel recently. It was old. When I turned it left to get it loose, it broke like that. There were crackings everywhere and some parts became like chips and powdery.

                      So I believe there is a material that would be like that after years although it looks strong and heavy.

                      Just a thought.



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                        A slightly bad casting can sometime take years to reveal its faults. That's why the ultrasonically test railway vehicle axles periodically to see if any potentially dangerous cracks start appearing.


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                          I have never seen such a disaster in an Elmo.

                          Certain spares are non existent for a projector that is probably now about 50 years old, although Van Eck in the Netherlands do manufacture some spare parts for Elmos.

                          I suggest you try and find a projector which is being sold for repairs or spares. But probably not cheap. Here is one here in the UK on eBay.

                          Vintage Elmo ST800 Super 8 Sound Projector Untested Spare & Repair #101 | eBay

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                            theres a web page called todocoleccion is Spain where you can buy the part with others for a cheap price, try to register and contact the seller using a traslator if necessary. The flywheel he sells is from a st 600 but its the same part for the 800, heres is the link conjunto de piezas de recambio de proyector cin - Comprar Proyectores Antiguos en todocoleccion - 286240403
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                              Thanks for the link. Just to let everyone know I located all the parts I needed right here in North Carolina! I am changing out the ph163 plug for a standard iec connector, got the part from digikey. Belts were goo ebay supplied the belts for replacement. Keeping my fingers crossed it all comes together without any other problems.