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Lamp for Bell & Hollew 122L

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    I don't have the original lamp but I guess this one will work for me.


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      I agree.

      Here are details on refitting a lamp:-

      Insert the lamp with the vertical tongue (spigot) facing towards the front of the projector. Revolve it slightly one way and the other until the tongue settles in its slot. Replace the screw cap, making sure it screws in squarely and tightly to lock the lamp in position. Note that the screw thread is very fine and great care is necessary in locating the screw cap in position before rotating.

      I know this sounds ridiculous; but sometimes I have held the projector upside down to do a lamp replacement. This is necessary as the lamp has to be gently pushed up and somehow held in position whilst the other hand fits the screw cap. By being upside down the replacement is much more easy to accomplish.


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        I will do so 😊 I guess another way is to hold it from above by opening the top cover.
        Thank you


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          The vertical tongue (spigot) will only go in upwards.
          Or, downwards, if projector is upside down.


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            Hello Maurice,
            I have already received the lamp you recommended and ¡¡¡¡ works perfectly!!!! I had to turn the projector upside down to put it in .
            Thank you very much for your help. We continue to complete the collection. Happy new year 2022!!!


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              That is good news.

              I know it sounds stupid to insert a new lamp with the projector upside down, but believe me, it's rather more difficult with the large wooden blimp 16mm Bell & Howell sound projectors. These use a similar lamp design but overall larger due to their higher wattage.

              Click below to see the first Bell & Howell 16mm sound projector made in England under licence in 1948. It's a 601. I have its much later brother the 8636 - Maritime.
              Bell & Howell-Gaumont Model 601 movie projector - MAAS Collection