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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • What 8mm films did I watch last night?

    Moderator's note: This is a continuation of the Grand Old Forum's What Films Did You Show Last Night?. That topic had the distinction of having the most replies (5754) of any thread. Fittingly, both the first and last posts were by Lee Mannering.

    Last night I watched a Columbia Classic Digest Print of "Holiday" with Cary Grant and Katheryn Hepburn. I bought this a couple of weeks ago, but just getting around to seriously watching it. I had never seen the full-length movie so wasn't familiar with the story at all. The digest version editing is pretty that I mean clips here and there that I found hard to connect. I liked the individual scenes...I always love Cary Grant and Katheryn Hepburn...but I think I would have gotten more out of the digest if I had seen the complete movie first. I guess this might be true of most digests.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Holiday-(1938)-8mm-Digest.jpg Views:	0 Size:	67.6 KB ID:	577
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    Was that meant to be a pun Janice "If I had SCENE the complete movie first...."?


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      No Leonard...I'm not a good typist....and not good at puns either. I sometimes don't notice what audio auto-correct enters. You noticed it before I could correct it. Fixed now.
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        I finally got to watch the complete movie of "Holiday". It filled in the gaps left out from the digest version. I actually really liked the movie. Now the digest will make a lot more sense .


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          Tuesday night at the Drive in
          December 10 2019

          Invasion of the Body Snatchers

          Intermission reel including
          Classic snack bar adds
          Bugs Bunny cartoon Ballot Box Bunny

          Previews of Coming Attractions
          Conan the Barbarian
          Rolling Stones Let's Spend the
          Night Together

          3 Nuts In Search of a Bolt


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            With our General Election tomorrow I'll have to get Ballot Box Bunny out later. :-)


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              LOL on that Brian - I viewed 6 early silent shorts in Single-8; DANTE IN THE INFERNO, SHOULD HUSBANDS BE WATCHED? (Chase), GHOST OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN, SMITH'S PICNIC (Keystone) and NERVE TONIC (Jimmy Adams) - All in all, a quiet night...Shorty


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                I have had FOUR really good film sessions this last week.

                Tuesday and Thursday I dug out some of my Universal 2x 400' features that I have not seen in a good while. First it was Michael Caine in The Island, then 2x Paul Newman classics - Slap Shot and The Sting.

                Saturday afternoon, my wife announces that there is nothing on TV tonight, so could we see a feature on the big screen? Did that require an answer? So Saturday night we settled down to the 7x 400' James Cagney classic "Yankee Doodle Dandy." Lovely black and white picture quality and definition but printed on colour stock.

                Just now as she was enjoying the final of the X-Factor on the box, I went "Over The Rainbow" to Oz with Judy Garland. My copy is on 4x 600' with one reel being rather short of film. Nevertheless, a great movie in excellent condition.


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                  Monday night December 16

                  No Limit
                  George Formby

                  2 Woody Woodpecker Cartoons
                  Fowled Up Falcon
                  Niagara Fools

                  4 Trailers
                  Saturday night fever
                  Superman the movie
                  Star Wars a new hope
                  Star Wars the Empire strikes back

                  Everything super eight sound


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                    20 Million Miles To Earth
                    Std 8 sound-great special effects by Ray Harryhausen.The fight between the monster and the elephant is like Kong vs the Tyranosauras Rex.

                    Earth vs Flying Saucers Std 8 sound-stupendous flying saucers!

                    In The Border States-DW Griffith 1910-"primitive movie making" yet a tense and suspenseful morality drama during the Civil War. Predates Birth of A Nation. Beautiful cinematography by Billy Bitzer. This is a Blackhawk Std 8 print on a 200ft reel and it is clear with excellent contrast.

                    After I wrote that I took a look on youtube . a much better print which looks really good as it's either a 16mm or 35mm print, but for the curious.
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                      Watched a silent Laurel & Hardy Blackhawk 400 ft of The Second Hundred Years (1927).

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	The-Second-Hundred-Years-1927.jpg
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                        On Wednesday, December 18, 2019

                        Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in Frank Capra's it's a wonderful life kicking off my Christmas series of movies on Super8 from my collection more to come!


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                          Last night we watched The Dover Boys At Pimento University. I had never seen this film before September, when we were at the George Eastman Museum in New York. We saw it there and loved it. Thank you to a fellow forum member I was able to pick up a copy on film. I love the humor in this film as the Dover Boys fight Dan Backslide over the girl.


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                            Tom & Jerry The Missing Mouse (Derann) and a Walton Trailer reel consisting of Callan, 1M Years BC, Percy's Progress and Shaloko


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                              Bless you Moderator that's a very kind thought at the top.

                              Been trying to get my Super 8 in some sort of Date of acquisition order which is a bit different as I'm planning to watch my whole collection next year before Christmas 2020...we hope. Have been running some early reels ready for next Mondays show UKELELE MAN, Chase me Mr Pastry, It's a grand Life feature, Making of a Blockbuster and Horror of Dracula Trl all great fun.
                              Also finished the last of my S8 Stereo dubbing for this year for other collectors and the Turkey is in the freezer!