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Yashica 8P3-RS AUTO projector

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  • Yashica 8P3-RS AUTO projector

    Hi this is my first post on this forum :

    I am desperately looking for a manual/repair manual on the Yashica 8P3-RS AUTO projector (there seem to be many models with same P/N)

    Then a few questions :
    • It seems with my model one does not have to change sprockets for 8 / super8 film selection ?
    • I see there is a lubrication chamber in the device, What is used as lubricant ? cosmoline ?
    • There is a small flat round glass lens ~10mm (broken in 2 parts) that was loose inside the housing. I guess this goes between lamp and film on the "still" selector frame. It shows signs of overheating. Probably reason for cracking in two parts !. ?
    • The purpose of electric contact feedback from 8 / super8 selector switch (speed change, frequency change, voltage change) ?
    Any help on above most wellcome

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    Have a look at this website. It talks about the gauge change and can also supply an Instruction Manual in English.
    Yashica 8P3-RS Auto – Spare Part Finder – Van Eck Video Services (


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      The small round glass lens is in two pieces by design. It was to prevent the heat from breaking the glass. Projectors that have a still feature will frequently have a similar split glass. I had this on my Sankyo silent projectors and decided to remove it. I have never found a reason to use the still feature where the heat builds to a degree that can burn the film.


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        Thanks all for responding to my questions