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  • Haley Mills on Super 8

    I am curious whether any of Haley Mills films or trailers ever made it on to Super 8. I have been a collector since 1976
    and can honestly say I have never seen one. I suppose there may be some of her Disney outings on trailers, and possibly films
    like ‘ Whistle Down the Wind’ does anyone know any more about it ?

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    The only thing I remember from BFCC screenings was an advert reel with her and her father John Mills advertising a film magazine in which they constantly mentioned "Sky West and Crooked". But that was to many years ago to remember which reel of mag that was.


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      Sorry, it's not on Super 8, but look out for Disney's Educational 800ft 16mm copy of edited sequences from "Pollyanna" which has the title of "Optimist/Pessimist: Which Are You?".

      There should be some copies around the UK which were sold some twenty years ago on behalf of a local film library which had gone over to VHS tapes.

      I have a copy of this delightful film with a bouncing Hayley doing her good deeds. It's well edited.

      P.S. It's not for sale.


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        The item Brian refers to is the Derann release "Cinema Ads of the 60s". It only lasts 5-6 mins, but it's fantastic entertainment and is always a major hit when I include it in public shows.


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          I don't know much about Disney's live action features, but if she was involved in any of Disney's live action comedy/Chase capers, she might be in " Disney's Greatest Chase's" 400ft release. It's just a guess.


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            Super8Database - Disney's Greatest Chases


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              Columbia released "The Trouble With Angels" as a feature length print on super 8. There was a print once on Ebay with a Spanish soundtrack and I would have purchased and rerecorded it if the print wasn't faded.