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Florida film collector convention coming to Central Florida this August 2021 !!

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    I've had a couple of inquiries from interested parties as to what are some of the " special " events just for Hotel guests .
    Saturday , August 21 will be LOADED with VIP Guest events !

    1) - As a hotel guest , you receive the FREE hot breakfast each morning , but on Saturday the 21st , you will be able to have your breakfast AND watch CARTOONS and COMEDIES from 8AM - 10AM !

    2) - Saturday evening at Poolside watch MONSTER MOVIES in 3-D !!

    3) - OR if that's not your bag , watch select 35MM shorts and features in the conference room !

    Also , for the first time anywhere - LIVE ! RED PRINT THEATER !
    Yes that's right , EACH AFTERNOON we will screen a faded , " red " print , just like the ones I write about here on the 8mm Forum !

    Don't forget - this convention is a celebration of FILM , the good , the bad and the ugly !!

    HURRY - Book your room NOW - only 16 weeks until the Convention ! ( one-fourth of the held rooms have now been booked )


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      3-D movies by the pool....that sounds amazing!


      Since the FFCC is happening in August, you have 4 months where it looks like things are going in the right direction. In the summer of 2020 we went back and forth about whether we could/should hold a show considering everything that was taking place. By keeping in touch with the CineSea group, we figured that less than half of the people from the previous year would attend CineSea 21. That was a figure we could work with. Our attendance for the recent CineSea 22 was up from that, but still within reason.

      We took basic common sense precautions. Masks had to be worn, windows would stay open, no open containers of food, no bags of unwrapped snacks or large bottle beverages requiring cups would be allowed. Snacks & beverages were kindly brought in, but these were all single serving individual bags and bottles. Tables and chairs were cleaned with disinfecting wipes. Masks and hand sanitizer were made readily available. Dealer tables were spread out and later moved to make a larger area for distanced seating for screenings. I have to say everyone who came was incredibly cooperative. It worked out very nicely, as I'm sure the first FFCC will!

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        Thanks Doug. That helps ALOT!


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          I assume from the frame size you mean 26 frames of IMAX 15x70mm film. Normal 5 perf 70mm frames would be far too near.


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            Yes , right on !
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              Good point! I was going to bring to CineSea a small roll of IMAX film to demonstrate, but left that on the shelf...


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                Well if you're going to bring that to the hotel then you might want to bring nitrate while you're at it. It's cheaper then a dayrate! 👹🤪

                Baaah doomp!


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                  This sounds like a lot of fun actually. I will check my calendar. Would love to fit this in to my summer - somehow.


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                    Thanks Philip , Would appreciate your support !


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                      SPREAD THE WORD. Our weekend is going to be great!

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                        Click image for larger version

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ID:	34168 Your attention please this message directed at Michael Lattavo

                        If you are able to attend our splendid event would you please bring a reel of a Bollywood I recall enjoying it immensely in October 2019 at Wildwood and I would love to see some of it again.

                        Most appreciated if you can do this and thank you in advance

                        CHIP GELMINI


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                          Just a shout out to Doug Meltzer. A BIG thank you for mentioning this event in Florida earlier today in your Cinesea update. It is greatly appreciated!

                          Kind regards

                          Chip Gelmini
                          FFCC 2021


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                            I'm glad to help out. I know the FFCC will be great fun!


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                              YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS :

                              The Online Home of the World-Wide Super 8/16mm Film Maker/Collector Magazine! - The Reel Image (


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                                What a great ad for the convention! Love it!