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Florida film collector convention coming to Central Florida this August 2021 !!

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    Yes I agree thank you very much Steve for the work that you did on that


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      In the event of bad storms, such as Tropical or Hurricane, our event will be proceeding as scheduled.

      The only reason why we should ever think about canceling will be either the Governor ordering evacuation – or the hotel company deciding to close. All of which is based on public safety.

      We hope it doesn’t happen. But hey it is Florida, and yes it’s scheduled right smack in the middle of storm season. Due to these extreme situations, we expect that refunds will be available.

      Please come and enjoy this event. Just don’t forget an umbrella!


      Chip Gelmini


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        Made some notes and we are looking at coming from sunny Lancashire UK.


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          Lee I am sending you a PM


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            I have just been informed there will be bananas at breakfast among other things.....
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              EARLY ARRIVALS

              As previously mentioned in this thread, I would like to host a movie night in my home a few days before our event begins. Those who are arriving early are welcome to attend. This will appeal to those who wish to see my home cinema, and learn about how I do things. My procedures are that of a 35mm analog booth, but scaled down to accommodate the smaller gauges of film. You could learn how to easily improve your screenings should you like one of my ideas. Or come and relax and enjoy a movie.

              I will offer a showing from my collection. Similar to the Friday night feature in Wildwood. Here is an opportunity to vote for the title that will be shown.

              To vote for your choice, do not post in this thread. Instead, please email me privately and the address will be shown below. I will keep score and announce the winner.

              Please note the titles selected represent time frame of production. From the very early days to rather recent. A chance to review technical advances in film making and how it reflects on super 8 copies.

              The choices are:

              SVENGALI. Super 8 mono black and white. John Barrymore.

              THE LITTLE MERMAID. Super 8 Dolby Surround. One of Derann’s best masterings.

              TITANIC. James Cameron’s masterpiece. Super 8 cinemascope & Dolby Surround.

              SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Anthony Hopkins. Super 8 Dolby Surround.

              You may vote for two titles. If time permits a double feature will be arranged.

              Seating is limited to 5 people per show. Considering restrictions that we have to follow, if more people are interested than can be seated, I will schedule two screenings and you will just have to wait for a turn.

              I trust that I will get plenty of replies. Popcorn, soda, cartoons & trailers are also included! Please vote today!


              Subject line please: Super 8 Screening FFCC 2021


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                I'm hoping that someone would start a convention over here on this side of the U.S., but I wish you guys the best of luck.


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                  1. Can someone please answer this question for me. With thanks.

                  How many are coming to this event that also go to Wildwood NJ for Cineasea?

                  Again, many thanks.

                  2. Volunteer is needed for photography of our event. Can you shoot stills and provide me with a CDROM of your pictures from your memory card. I will post the pictures here later on. This person will, while also attending the event, try really hard to produce a bunch of great pictures for others to see on line. You will of course be given full credits to your work.

                  Kind regards

                  Chip Gelmini
                  FFCC Co-Coordinator


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                    Chip , I raised my hand at Wildwood, so I'll be there !
                    Why don't you add one of your STAR WARS movies to your choices to vote on for your " Home Movie " presentation?


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                      Because I thought the big boat would do the trick. Ohhhhh that sinking feeling.........


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                        Click image for larger version

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                          Ok STAR WARS now added to the voting list.

                          It has been about a week since I posted for the movie night in my home. Yes it's early I know but come on guys not ONE reply other than David's suggestion? ☹️


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                            the offer of a film night is I'm sure appealing to collectors but how I read the thread is more of a classroom scenario on how to present a film show which isn't very appealing, it doesn't really sound a fun night out, also I wouldn't think attendees will wait for the chance of a seat if two features are potentially shown, it needs to come across as a more relaxed affair with more seating available when possible of course, Mark


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                              Chip That is an incredibly kind offer for early arrivals and will be fascinating for all. The Little Mermaid is a lovely film with the fun and gorgeous music but all the films you kindly listed are great. Your enthusiasm for film and also making things happen is clear to see, we could do with a little more of that over this side of el pond.
                              Sensible with the 5 seated cinema seating at the moment as well and anyone waiting will I am sure find plenty to talk about.
                              Well done you!

                              It's building to quite a awesome event that's a certainty with some new releases to hit the screen as well.


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                                I am really looking forward to mid August!