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New Superman, Enough is Enough

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    Cinemas need fresh product not old stuff. The reason I say this, is that the average person wont pay money to go to the cinema to watch something they have already seen on TV.

    Have been there, tried that, and that's what the average cinema goer will tell you.


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      Well here is something to add to the post of unbelievable nonsense, keeping it filmy, im guessing this is going to happen in cinemas here soon,

      Today, British Airways have announced some spectacular news that really needed to make the news,
      They announce that the toilets on their aeroplanes will no longer have Ladies and Gentleman on them.
      Wow, a burning issue of our time, what a load of utter bollocks, i thought this goes nicely with this thread, no doubt our cinemas and other venues will follow I wonder they'll put on the doors? Why is the majority allowing the 1% minority to win this kind of trash?
      I got some good ideas of what they should put on the doors, i'm sure some of you will also know what i'm thinking.
      Jeepers, just as you think it cant get any worse.


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        To be honest, in many years of flying, I’ve always only seen unisex toilets on planes.


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          I have only seen the one toilet for all on planes. Always a hot seat.


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            Tom, I have done quite a lot of flying with different companies over the years including B.A,, Holidays, visiting relatives in Australia and own family in Spain and none have had seperate toilets. Re watching films on T.V. and computers etc. A recent survey concluded that concentration is very much diminished because of the distractions of the surroundings. I think that one of the reasons British films do not go down very well in the U.S. is that many do not understand our sense of humour or lifestyle. We are not afraid to make fun of our own ideosyncracies and criticise government decisions. "fishermens Friends" and "I Daniel Blake" etc. Ken Finch,


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              A correction is required here, although i said Ladies and Gentlemen is not to be on the toilet doors, that is incorrect, my mistake,
              What BA are doing, is they are no longer greeting passengers on board any longer by starting off with, Ladies and Gentleman, welcome aboard, either way it still sucks that this company even wants to interfere with this polite tradition. What will they say now i wonder, "welcome men and women of both sexes, or whatever else you want to be identified as"? Idiots. Always a do gooder company thats wants to change something that no one else even gives a darn about. It is once again bowing to the clown in the 1%.

              Ken, i agree with you, films on gadgets are just open to interruptions and the tendency to move it forward to skip parts. Nothing wrong with films being available in this way though. i guess it gets them out to a wider audience. Yes the British sense of humour takes some beating, even thats under threat, but thats one thing the minorities wont win over, they can try but they wont win.

              BUT, back to the thread of the new superman,
              Just read this crap from the BBC, (who else),

              "Since the series was released in July, Jon has already fought wildfires caused by climate change, scuppered a high school shooting, and protested against the deportation of refugees.
              In an earlier issue, Jon struck up a friendship with Jay - a bespectacled, pink-haired reporter.
              DC Comics said the pair will become romantically involved in the upcoming fifth issue, after Jon "mentally and physically burns out from trying to save everyone that he can".

              The one country i thought that may have stood up against this joke is America where the original super hero's were first created but then, a lot of todays goody stuff does sadly come from over the pond and we poodle along helped by brainwashing from the Uni's here. Sad i think that they feel a comic book character who saved the world with his super powers against evil villains was the stuff of entertainment. Real life was always kept out of it, escapism, a bit like decent movies.

              We see enough of the crap they put in these new comics in real life, we dont need it in comics. Some countries around the world must laugh their bollocks off at what us, Europe and the US are turning into.
              It'll be interesting to see what they do with the other super heroes, Spiderman will become dragon fly man with a pretty blue suit, Wonder woman will be built like a brick s*** house and batman with become pride man, the black panther will become the pink pussy.


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                How about “Comrades” or in the case of Ryan Air “Hello Suckers”. Don’t mind what they call me as long as I arrive safely.

                Alway thought the Bob Newhart sketch on Grace L Ferguson airlines summed up flying



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                  John Armer wrote

                  "Tom, in the first Superman film I saw, he was kissing a girl. Now, he might just be kissing a boy. What's the problem with that? There are plenty of boys out there who kiss other boys, and plenty of girls who kiss girls. There are also boys who kiss boys and girls, and... you get the drift".

                  Did you have a problem with Superman kissing a girl? I'm guessing not. If your issue is with him kissing a boy, isn't that a little bit homophobic? I notice you were quite happy to censor the 'N word' as you put it above, but you are OK to spell out 'queer' and 'puff'.

                  Let me reply to you,
                  First of all, i do get the drift as you call it,
                  The reason i have a problem with it is because i find it offensive, like minorities, i am also entitled to a view, i dont need crap like that thrust upon not just adults over 18 years old, but to kids who have access to these comics. Just because i dont like it, it doesn't make me homophobic as you call it, a word we seem to see a lot of lately, like racist, sexist and other names minorities like to throw around to people who dont agree with minority views. The reason boys are kissing boys these days is because of people drumming it into them that its normal. But hey, i dont have a problem with it, what people do and who they are is not my problem, (many these days dont even know what they are) but i do have a view, but when i put my view out, its deemed offensive, but i have to accept other peoples views, your views? No i dont, and wont.

                  No i dont have a problem with Superman kissing girls, its actually, (contrary to popular belief), quite normal. No it isn't homophobic for me to not like him kissing men, THAT is what minorities believe and if thats what they believe then thats also fine with me, im certainly not changing my mind to "fit in", and i repeat, these new DC comics are pretty sad in that they feel they need to change the super hereo to fit in with a very small minority. Super weed more like it.

                  Regarding the N word, i guess everyone knows what i mean, sadly, this word is what the F and C word were in the 60s and 70s if either of these words were in movies in that era they would be given X certificates, today it seems odd that these two words are a must have in most movies and TV drama's today, yet everyone breaks down in fear if the word that people of colour actually do use to one another is mentioned, very weird, any explanations as to why that acceptable between them? and no, i dont have a problem with puff or queer as both words actually do have a meaning, the same as the sugar plum fairy can be used to describe the Disney character, (also know as Sugar Plum) or of course anyone else. You get the drift,,

                  Its all just a play on words mate, dont get upset John, Sticks and stones and all that.

                  BTW, who kisses who is irrelevant to my point, which is, why did DC comics feel they had to do this nonsense?

                  In a nutshell, I, find the new DC comic very sad, as Maurice said, it is the trend of today but do we really want to see it? It wont offend me as i wont waste money or time looking at such feeble crap.
                  As Dave Baker said, if you dont like it dont see it, what i am doing is debating it.
                  A bit like the PC James Bond of today, no doubt soon in the future films, in the end Bond wont get the girl, he'll run off into the sunset with his Man. Who's going to want to see that then?

                  Have a nice day
                  Last edited by Tom Photiou; October 17, 2021, 01:53 PM.


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                    Tom, you have made a personal attack on John which is totally undeserved, unwarranted and out of order The views you are disguising as free speech deserve no comment just sadness.


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                      I'm not disguising anything,
                      If anyone wants to come on in mid debate and tell me im homophobic, expect it back. What do you want me to do? Ignore the comment's? I believe it was he, who suggested i'm homophobic which has nothing to do with this thread, it should be me who is offended, luckily i dont give a hoot about his comment, but i replied, simple as that.
                      Where exactly have i called John anything or directed anything at him? i Have replied to HIS attack on me simply because he doesn't like the fact i dislike the new DC superman comic.
                      Reading this Mike, it looks as though your also saying i shouldn't have an opinion in case it upsets others? Must i accept this new DC comic then and not have an opinion?

                      Last edited by Tom Photiou; October 17, 2021, 02:12 PM.


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                        Let’s go back to the premise of this thread. This has nothing to do with "minority views”. It has everything to do with showing people both the respect and the representation that they deserve and have been denied for a very long time. So DC has made a character bisexual. What is the big deal? There have been gay superheroes in comics for over 30 years. DC and Marvel have several thousand characters…..many in numerous timelines….there are even multiple Supermen. So a very small number are actually not heterosexual. Wow.

                        Tom posed an interesting question about the ’N’ word. He said "everyone breaks down in fear if the word that people of colour actually do use to one another is mentioned, very weird, any explanations as to why that acceptable between them?"

                        Here’s an explanation. That word has been the ultimate insult to African Americans since the 17th century. It’s linked with violence and its purpose is to degrade a race of people and to deem them inferior. So why do Black people use it? They’ve taken control of it. They’ve taken that weapon away and turned it into something that can be used just between them. Why can’t White people use it? That really should be self explanatory.


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                          I don’t buy the explanation of the “n”word…’s ok for it to be used by some people but not by other people. It should be either used or not used.


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                            It's not a word I'll ever use. Anyway, I realize I've gone off topic.


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                              Yeah, honestly, I think this topic has went from a legitimate topic to mean spiritedness. I'm surprised it's went on this long. I'll only reiterate what one person stated, (sorry, I have forgotten who) ... I also think that there is no real need to give superheroes, that children look up to, a sex life. Just leave them as superheroes. Kids are not up to dealing with adult issues in what would widely be considered a "kid domain" of entertainment.


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                                Osi. Thats it in nutshell.
                                Bill, agree 100%. Thank you.