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New Superman, Enough is Enough

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    Not just superheroes but many franchises have been destroyed by 'wokeness'. Dr who, Star Trek, and Star Wars were once popular, strong brands. Now many fans are alienated by the 'social engineering' forced into these shows. Interestingly on YouTube, critics of this movement ( but fans of the franchise) who have a huge amount of followers on their own channels, find that their viewing figures are somehow 'lowered' because they don't toe the official line. Toy manufactures lose out as the public don't want to buy figures of character x, and so on, because the life has been sucked out of the franchise.

    In the UK the BBC thrust their own agender down the public's throat. I cancelled my TV licence legally back in the summer of 2020. If you don't like what is presented to you, I do advise you to do the same.


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      Just one thing I should add about the new "Star Wars" movie is New Zealand director "Taika Waititi" not only is he directing it but involved in the writing of it as well, something that previous directors were not given the chance to do by Disney.

      Now if you have ever watched any of Taika films, like "JoJo Rabbit" where he not only wrote the script but directed it as well as playing Hitler. You can be sure of one thing, Taika will give the Star Wars fans what they want. I am sure about that. In fact many loyal "Star Wars" fans seem to be pleased that Taika is doing it, thankfully Disney is giving him artistic freedom, so folks, any film that "Taika Waititi" is involved in, will certainly be interesting. something to look forward to


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        Agreed John.
        I love hugging people its a great way to show or sort of say we understand each other or we are here together.
        I've hugged and also kissed male friends goodbye as they pass on having enjoyed a close supportive male friendship together.

        Some of my male friends are single and I go on holiday with a couple from time to time enjoying great friendship and quite a few laughs.

        Hugged a guy yesterday who was about to have a operation i had a few years back he seemed happier after being a little anxious about the opp.

        Speaking for myself I'm more worried about people afraid to touch each other that who's kissing who.

        I'm neutral on the sensuality thing and love everyone I meet we are all humans and equal.
        Just my thoughts.


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          Graham, that sounds promising. I may even look out for that one myself.

          Lee, you have completly missed the point mate. This thread isnt about who kisses who, its about sexualising comics, twisting kids heads. Who you hug and touch or kiss is your private affair not ours.

          Martin, i agree with you 100%.
          As many in the UK will know, Dr Who became a female and while she actually played it well as she does in all her drama shows, she is stepping down, the ratings for Dr who when she joined just bombed.
          changing a well know character from a male to female again, is done to please certain groups,
          As a good friend pointed out to me, women have their own role models in miss Marple,vera,wonder woman, charlies Angels and any amount of gobby gun toting,sword swinging pin ups in most of the trash Hollywood puts out. They dont need to become characters that are written as men, Dr Who and possibly in the future james Bond, as one member said,the clue is in the name.

          As per thread though, its good to hear the new Star Wars may be as the real fans wish for but sadly its too late for Superman.

          I am not too sure why the media and Hollywood among others, have to change everything and turn it upside down and sexualise stuff simply to show deserved respect to certain groups. There are many others ways to show respect to people without thrusting their ways and views onto others.
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            Good to hear some Champions of free speech on here, that have the courage to stand by their convictions. All too easy to relent to the political correctness ‘sheeples’ who bleat what they’re conditioned to think and say.


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              Or get mobbed to be something you do not want to be.
              Missed the point to your mind Tom but not mine.
              None of us were put on this earth to do what others want us to do.

              Stay free, be free and make the most of your limited time here! More important things to worry about like
              projectiong films and making them.


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