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Jurassic Park 600 foot digest now waiting for you .....

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  • Jurassic Park 600 foot digest now waiting for you .....

    jurassic park super 8mm digest

    28 min. Color /stereo 600' digest

    ordering information :
    please be aware it may take,
    up to 8 weeks to have your copy in your hand , as
    each print is ordered from germany “ on demand “ .
    this includes the time it takes for the finished prints to go to italy for sound striping , then back to germany to be shipped to america and when it reaches america it goes for sound recording then out to you , the buyer . This whole process can take from 6 to 8 weeks – and in some cases longer .

    just be aware of this before you purchase a copy .

    cost per copy , as of 8-4-2020 : 275.00 usd

    this includes all shipping and handling

    method of payment accepted : Personal checks or postal money orders , paypal with an added 4% .

    send hard copy payments to :
    david baker
    p.o. Box 772063
    ocala , fl. 34477

    paypal payments send to ;
    total for paypal orders is 286.00 usd

    (buyers outside of the united states and canada please inquire about shipping costs to your country should you decide to purchase at this time .
    within another month an authorized seller outside the u.s.a. And canada will be available)

    questions or inquiries :

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_3679.jpg Views:	43 Size:	50.4 KB ID:	14590 Click image for larger version  Name:	image_3680.jpg Views:	45 Size:	61.4 KB ID:	14591 Click image for larger version  Name:	image_3681.jpg Views:	44 Size:	65.4 KB ID:	14592 Click image for larger version  Name:	image_3682.jpg Views:	43 Size:	58.2 KB ID:	14593 Click image for larger version  Name:	image_3683.jpg Views:	46 Size:	102.4 KB ID:	14594
    above are actual screen shots of the super 8mm color / sound print



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    Congratulations on seeing this to it's completion. I look forward to seeing a review of this!


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      Is it possible to get a detailed description of the digest, such what is included.


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        Well done on this project. Do you know what film stock is used?


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          Thanks David, you have helped Super 8 Live on
          with passion. Well Done!


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            Order placed. Many thanks!


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              Hi David. I'm on the reserved list from a bit ago please keep my name down I will pay shortly.
              You have done well to make the magic happen and Albertos Mag Striping is superb. well done you!


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                Great news ! I wonder, as a non US/UK based member which option is the most intersting : a direct order from the US or waiting for an European dealer to offer this film on sale. I don't know if it's the same in the UK but in Belgium, there is a high custom duty for goods from the US. Any suggestion ?


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                  FOR LARRY....

                  Opening titles.

                  John Hammond’s helicopter arrives at an archaeological site in Montana. He convinces Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler to visit his soon to open dinosaur theme park.

                  The plane lands at Isla Nubar. Hammond, Grant, Sattler along with lawyer Donald Gennaro and chaos theorist Ian Malcolm are driven to a field where they see…live dinosaurs.

                  At the lab, they watch a baby Velociraptor being hatched. Malcolm warns them that “life cannot be contained”.

                  Computer programmer Dennis Nedry makes a deal with a competing company to steal dinosaur embryos.

                  Hammond’s young grandchildren arrive and they and others take a tour in park vehicles. Game warden Robert Muldoon tells Hammond that a major storm is quickly approaching. The tour vehicles stop in front of the Tyrannosaurus paddock.

                  Nedry shuts down the park’s security system so he can steal the embryos. This causes a power failure. Both the tour vehicles and the protective electric fences are no longer working. The storm has arrived as the Tyrannosaurus escapes and kills Gennaro, who has fled from the car. Grant and Malcolm distract the dinosaur’s attention from the kids.

                  Nedry takes a jeep so he can deliver the embryos to a waiting ship. He crashes the jeep and while trying to repair it is attacked by a Dilophosaurus.

                  Muldoon and Sattler find the empty tour vehicles and begin to search. They find a wounded Malcolm. With Malcolm in the back of their jeep, the Tyrannosaurus chases them (Objects in mirror are closer than they appear).

                  Grant brings the kids to the visitor center and leaves to look for Ellie. Meanwhile, Muldoon has a run in with a Velociraptor.

                  Two raptors are now in the visitor center and chase the kids into a kitchen. After some close calls the kids escape and meet up with Grant and Sattler, however the raptors are still in pursuit. They elude them using a ventilation duct but end up being trapped in the entrance hall. The raptors are about to attack when the Tyrannosaurus suddenly appears and battles the raptors.

                  Grant, Sattler and the others board a helicopter and leave Jurassic Park.

                  Abbreviated end titles.

                  Jurassic Park logo.
                  THE END
                  ( LEADER FLAPS ON TAKE-UP REEL )


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                    Ordered and thank you David for making the magic happen.


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                      EVERYONE , when ordering , PLEASE INQUIRE about shipping rates for buyers OUTSIDE the USA and CANADA before submitting money to Paypal .
                      USA and Canada total Paypal costs are 286.00 USD per print
                      U.K. total Paypal rates are 323.45 USD per print

                      Should you send the wrong amount , your funds will be returned and you must re-submit with the correct amount .
                      And a big THANK YOU for supporting the Super 8mm film hobby !


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                        For Tom....

                        The film stock is low-fade Kodak Polyester

                        For Dominique....

                        P.M. sent
                        Last edited by David Baker; August 06, 2020, 09:59 AM.


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                          Thank you David.


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                            Thanks, David. I will answer, soon.


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                              Thank you, David, for the description. Will have to wait for the stimulus check to buy it.