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Jurassic Park 600 foot digest now waiting for you .....

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    Ordered looking forward to seeing it on the Super 8 screen thank you David


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      Just received my print today and I have to say what an amazing job Dave has done, the editing is spot on, the picture and sound are excellent. It’s great to have a brand new print of this quality. I can’t wait to see what Dave does next. Well done sir.


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        Thank you Phillip !
        Those of you that have ordered and not received it yet , please hang in there as you should receive your prints in a few weeks .
        All of you will receive an email with a tracking number when it is on the way to you .
        THANK YOU for supporting this unique hobby !


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          Yes film friends remember this is a made on demand title so get your orders in
          Remember back to the old days when as soon as we heard a new negative was being made to print from we were on the phone to place our orders.

          As soon as David received my print from the lab it left his hands it was off to me the same day!

          David. I've been talking to a few more UK collects who will be looking to order as well and support your excellent efforts.


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            Well thank you so much Lee for your help in doing that .
            And YES - I remember those Days !


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              Any news on the UK distributor ?


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                Interested buyers in the U.K. and Europe now have the option of purchasing JURASSIC PARK and CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF super 8mm digest prints WITHOUT sound recording ( stripped print only ) at a discounted price , with information included in your order package as to where to get your print recorded in the U.K. This will save you money on shipping and others fees .

                In the United kingdom -

                For JURASSIC PARK : 170 pounds payed via Paypal to :

                For CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF : 95 pounds payed via Paypal to :

                In Europe -

                For JURASSIC PARK : 260 Euros via Paypal to :

                For CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF : 110 Euros via Paypal to :

                Please be aware it may take
                up to 12 weeks to have your copy in your hand , as
                each print is ordered from Germany “ on demand “ .
                And in some instances shipping delays are occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic .

                Make sure to send me an email to with your shipping address ! ( or any questions )

                You will receive an email notification when your order ships from the USA to you , via Priority Mail International with a tracking number .




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                  Originally posted by Luke Carlton View Post
                  Any news on the UK distributor ?
                  CHC has then as "Due soon" on their November list e-mailout.