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Can this be removed from a Eumig Projector?

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    Originally posted by Joseph Banfield View Post
    Yea, the motor has to be removed from the projector to really clean that part well. But if it's not making noise then I wouldn't go through all the trouble of taking the motor out again.
    Well I'll have to take the motor out when I replace the mounts, so thought I would do it then. Looking at the motor, and the disc, there doesn't seem to be much room to get in there to release the ball. Is there a trick, or do I just pull up on the motor as I'm taking it out? Sorry to keep asking all these questions, but your help is very appreciated.


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      Once the motor has been pulled you will have access to everything on the motor from all sides, just like the one shown in your photo. You just grab the ball of the nylon piece with your thumb and forefinger and slide it off toward's just a snap fit and rides in a groove below the drive drive wheel.