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Sound Striping in the USA

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    ...I have a laminate striped print from a German lab on acetate stock bought in 2017. 7X 600' reels. It has held up well but during the first screening, but about 45 seconds of reel 4 just peeled off at the entry guide to my projector before I could stop it. 45 seconds gone like that on a stereo recorded film, a classic at that. No other way to slice it! Magnetic paste is the Audio Futture of Super 8 Sound. I agree with Joerg here. I have several magnetically striped prints masterly applied last year and not one has flaked or peeled off.


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      Burton - you may be correct regarding the paste stripes. As collectors, all we want are options. Competition is good for the consumer.

      I am pretty sure that nowhere in North America is magnetic stripe or paste being offered. And as far as I know only Movie Magnetic in Italy offers the pasting solution - with restrictions and requirements for other services many do not want or need.


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        Remember I mentioned "Cut a Rut" well I came across it while I was looking through old magazines today, have a read its interesting in its use.
        Click image for larger version

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          That was manufactured in Britain by Carnall who also made "The Equaliser" used to trim film that had been badly split from 16mm.


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            I have had that same experience with my print of "The Mark of Zorro", in that, the paste stripe was just starting to unglue itself, and it wasn't just a little piece here and there, it's long sections! I finally had to consider it a mute print, so much of it being mute now! Laminate does not have that quality.