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Godzilla King of the Monsters - New release

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  • Godzilla King of the Monsters - New release

    600ft B&W Sound available from our very own Monster Man Dave Baker.

    Godzilla King of the monsters was a 1956 film featuring a 400ft monster intent on destruction, although you grow to love it in a way.

    The film is today respected featuring a man in a monster suit who was starved of oxygen and nearly drowned in the making of this loved movie. The nearest I got to having anything on film of Godzilla was a neat 50ft reel from you youth oft projected on the old Kodak projector.

    Amazing then today to have a well edited condesation of the 105 minute ish feature on Super 8 running just a fraction under 30 minutes and they have done a great job with it make no mistake.

    This is another beautifully detailed film print in black and white with barely a mark on the original 50s master used. The clarity on screen is quite breathtaking with some gorgeous detail and shadow detail as well.

    The sound is mono as originally in English but if you have a stereo projector you have Godzilla in stereo at the very end which is a very nice touch also making my wife jump.
    Magnetic striping is carried out in Italy and to a high standard. I cleaned/Flim Guarded the film before projection with zero oxid showing on the white cloth. A very good sign.

    If you are buying the.many new releases this year put this on your lists for the monster pile.

    Picture quality. Astound 10/10
    Sound 9 Good for 1956 and love the Stereo ending.

    Well done Dave Baker 'The REEL MONSTER MAN'
    Fantastic job!

    Godzilla and Raptor settle down to watch the film.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Godzill1.jpg Views:	107 Size:	50.0 KB ID:	35114

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Godzill 2.jpg Views:	108 Size:	111.5 KB ID:	35115Click image for larger version  Name:	Godzill 3.jpg Views:	101 Size:	99.9 KB ID:	35116Click image for larger version  Name:	Godzill 5.jpg Views:	100 Size:	120.9 KB ID:	35118Click image for larger version  Name:	Godzill 6.jpg Views:	101 Size:	111.9 KB ID:	35119

    A few snaps off my 6ft Hi-Lite screen.
    Eumig HID Dual gauge projector
    Denon sound system
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    Hey Dave. You didn't tell me I could expect trouble from Godzilla. He's only gone and pinched Raptors Hippodrome cinema tickets!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210526_181803.jpg
Views:	837
Size:	141.1 KB
ID:	35159

    Had the first film collector visitor since lock up for a show and the first words watching this new film was 'That's a really good print'


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      Lee, great review and screenshots! What a sharp looking print. Is this a colour polyester film stock printed in B&W or a true B&W stock?
      in other words, is it acetate?



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        I wanted to make sure you saw that David answered you in another thread where you also asked this.

        His answer? This print is on acetate b/w stock.


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          Well done Doug. Very nice print quality and Kodak B&W stock shines beautifully as well.

          In recent years we have seen some fab new film prints and it continues thanks to Steve O and our David. A job well done.

          I'm looking into keeping a healthy stock of new S8 imports on the shelf as part of my small UK media business as we ease from the Virus and will post details as I develop them including my 2021 film fair.
          Watch this space or screen!


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            I'm actually watching Mothra. But much looking forward to Godzilla King of the Monsters. I personally think the cut down may be better than the full length. I do like the monster!
            Anyway, great review but must get back to Mothra. Seems to be swimming towards trouble!


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              It is a nice one Stu. As a kid I never had time to enjoy these gems so for me its great to have the opportunity now and to such high quality as well. My wife is also enjoying the new releases as they are quite different in the UK.
              Anyway, time for me to switch on the Elmo for tonights show.


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                My print is on colour stock.


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                  All new prints produced will be on Kodak Poly color stock


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                    No complaints here, it is a fantastic print!
                    One of the very best!

                    See it on the big screen, 2pm, at the Blackpool Saturday Cinema. Free admission!

                    Something extra special !

                    See this fantastic new release as never before, with a fully remastered stereo sound track featuring added music & enhanced sound effects.
                    Songs include The Coffin Dance, Japan (Ghosts), Sarah ( Tokyo Town) & the exotic sounds of Martin Denny.

                    Not to be missed!


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                      Just got my GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS print and love it! Yes, mine is on Color stock as well. Thanks DAVE FILMS for producing this! Love the Godzilla roars and destruction on the trailer after THE END.


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                        Why there are two kind of stocks for the same print? Does Kodak no longer make the B/W stock?


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                          That Winbert is a VERY GOOD question. I don't know. Supply Chain? Or just so little interest in Super 8mm B&W stock? I would prefer a movie that is supposed to be be black and white printed on B&W stock. IMO.


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                            You know , I don't really care as long as I can get it.


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                              Originally posted by Philip Hamilton View Post
                              That Winbert is a VERY GOOD question. I don't know. Supply Chain? Or just so little interest in Super 8mm B&W stock? I would prefer a movie that is supposed to be be black and white printed on B&W stock. IMO.
                              I agree Philip! Even though some really don't care. From what I understand B&W stock is in short supply at this time and also costs more than color film stock.