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Godzilla King of the Monsters - New release

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    I'm just so grateful to have this title and a very good edit in my collection. I never even thought about what film stock it was printed on its just a superb edit, crisp to view and a investment for the future as with all the new releases.
    Thank you Dave for bringing this piece of cinematic magic to our front rooms.
    Guess if the thought had crossed my mind I would have chosen a poly print but obtaining the title was more a priority.

    Slightly off topic.
    Probably 50% of my 50 year old collection is Acetate B&W which I truly love, but by today's bench mark standards look so soft and lackluster up against the new prints it does make them a little hard to view sometimes. The old prints for me are pretty much a nostalgia trip but my goodness the new films on offer knock spots off the lot and that includes Star Ws.

    Kong VS Godzilla also sits nicely with this film and in color and Stereo. Just enjoy the movies folks!


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      As B/W on color stock is actually a color print with black and white color only, then it could have a risk of color shifting during the process, I guess


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        The good thing is that in 20-40 years I can sell the colour shifted prints I got from Dave for silly money and get some new prints off him at a great price 😊

        Just have to get those cataract done