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  • Last night I had my son and three grandsons over to watch my 16 mm print of 9 to 5 (1980). My 12-year-old grandson loaded the projector for me. This movie is a family favorite and although I didn't make any screenshots... take my word for it the print I have is in pristine condition. It does have a couple spots of censored audio but overall complete. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton have never been so good and Dolly Parton's theme song shows her genius.


    • Last night was quite a warm night here in the UK.

      So, for my 2nd ever outdoor film show, I chose to go 16mm for a change.

      1x 150' - Penny Lane - The Beatles film to the song. Lost a lot of its colour but, oh boy, what a gem! Never come across this one again.

      1x 2100' 1x 1600' - Casablanca

      I was quite surprised to note that even with a throw of about 25', the usual 51mm lens STILL could not fill a screen 75" wide. Therefore, I had to resort to another zoom lens I have in my possession. Also interesting to note that even since my first outdoor show a couple of weeks ago, I was able to start the show 15 minutes earlier. Oh dear! We are heading for the fall ! (Yippee, though, for more indoor shows soon!)



      • One of my all time favorites: SUPERMAN II, starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackmann and the amazing Terence Stamp. The print has got some wear, but it doesn’t take away the fun of this 80‘s adventure! Full of great ideas, stunning special effects and a glorious scope image!
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        • Tonight I watched a 16mm print I got on E-Bay a few weeks ago: The Ways of the Wind. It's about a youth sailing program and includes a regatta. What was a real bonus about it is it turns out it takes place on Long Island in the county where I grew up.

          (-actually, one of my old girlfriends lived next to the harbor they sail in!).

          Today I still live very close to the North Shore, about 15 miles away from the setting of this film: the scenery is very, very familiar!


          • Last night I watched the 1992 film Once Upon a Crime. It's kind of a crazy over-the-top "who done it" murder mystery. Starring Jim Belushi, Cybill Shepherd, John Candy, Richard Lewis, and George Hamilton.

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            • Well, the clocks went back last night. That means it is dark in the UK by mid to late afternoon. I had a 16mm film that I had purchased recently and, already knowing there were some on the print, checked the condition of the splices. Some where a little ropey. Basically tape splices that were dry and could have come apart at any moment. Fortunately, I have just sourced a few good condition 16mm splices, so have replaced them and now ready to Rock N Roll......

              Raslin' Rockets - 1x 400' - A wrestling bout that ironically was filmed at the Convention Center, Wildwood, New Jersey !

              The Making of Poltergeist - 1x 400' - A corking documentary featuring Spielberg and Craig T. Nelson with behind the scenes shots as it was being made.

              .....and the one I really wanted to see for the first time..... The Beverly Hillbillies 1x 1000' episode called "The Sheik" Sadly a colour film with hardly any colour left, but I am so used to seeing the black and white episodes, it didn't make much difference.

              It ran though very well, by the way !



              • I had my family over tonight to watch my latest win on eBay...Regarding Henry (1991) with Harrison Ford and Annette Bening. They even brought dinner and their Golden retriever Ivan too who seemed to enjoy the movie also. The second reel had some lines intermittently but other than that picture quality was excellent on all three reels.

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                • I love that it's getting dark early so I can watch films sooner in the evening. Tonight I watched Victor/Victoria (1982). It's on 2-2000ft reels. Some deleted scenes...but excellent quality and color.

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                  • Watched Dudley Moore and Elizabeth McGovern in Lovesick (1983)... however my favorite character is Alec Guinness as Sigmund Freud

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                    • Watched my 16mm scope print of Jaws, its amazing. My favourite film of all time.
                      I think I'm going a need a bigger screen.
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                      • Phillip Campey What a great film to have in your collection....and a beautiful print,


                        • Thank you Janice, it is an excellent print.


                          • Last night I watched Laurel and Hardy in March of the Wooden Soldiers / Babes in Toyland. Not sure why this movie has two names. My print has March of the Wooden Soldiers In the title, however the opening shows mother goose opening a book titled Babes in Toyland.

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                            • My Saturday Night film show last night was more like a night in front of the television with some classic TV nostalgia..... all on 16mm !

                              The Waltons "The Scholar" - 1x 1800' - Series 1 Episode 21. John-Boy teaches Verde to read and write. Beautiful colour.

                              The Waltons "The Travelling Man" - 1x 1800' - A series 8 episode without John-Boy or mother. Once again, beautiful colour. Two great recent finds.

                              The Beverly Hillbillies - 1x 1200' Black and white. The Clampett's move into a film studio lot that Mr. Drysdale wants to buy to build a housing estate.

                              Sgt. Bilko "The Formula" - 1x 800' - Bilko discovers that the oil mix from a drained motor engine can make ones face look 10 years younger!

                              Casey Jones - 1x 1200' - The contents of the bank need to be moved to another town via rail. A fine excuse for a hold up.



                              • Impala
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                                A couple of days ago we got "Impala", part of a series of educational films about African wildlife. We watched it last night.

                                I also recently bought "Ostrich" and "Rhinocerous" from the same seller. The prints are wonderful: beautiful color and sharpness, and not a mark on them anywhere. It's easy to imagine they were printed last month.

                                What is missing is the student guides that were supposed to be read along with the films. There is no commentary or subtitling so for us it's kind of as if we are there with a set of binoculars watching the animals do their thing. It's up to us to figure it all out for ourselves.

                                I've always been a big fan of nature films: maybe they make being cooped up in the house this time of the year not so hard.
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                                Other than that, there's nothing really "gnu" happening here!