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  • You did say the DSLRs shouldn't need a mask.

    I can't use the rollers right now. The white "tires" might be silicone. They are easy to change and have more traction than the black. That might not matter, I don't know how much pulling force is needed.

    Just wanted to say that I think you have a gift finding things online! I have never found anything other than black rubber or sometimes yellow. I bet the yellow is aged and hard.

    Here is what I have now.

    Click image for larger version

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    • Maybe just luck David. I will send you the rollers today.


      • OK fixed the Liveview issue. Used the shutter pin instead of focus pin (half shutter). Now I can wrap up the version2 of the board and place the order. The new version will have the tune buttons on it. One of the new boards will be for you David. Sorry did not ship the rollers today. Will do it tomorrow. Will qty4 be OK?


        • One of the issues with my setup is long exposures due to the low power light source. Ordered the 10W light chip from amazon.
          Hope this fixes the issue.


          • Yes, I will need 4 rollers to widen the pinchroller/motor assembly.

            Watts do not translate to a known brightness for me. Led household lights that are equivalent to old 60-75 watt light bulbs are ~800 lumens. So this led you chose is 600 lumens, that should be pretty bright. I have used some battery powered leds during this 8mm project, often there are multiple leds. More spacing from the difuser can blend out the hot spots. That also reduces the overall light level.

            Thanks for the rollers in advance.

            I have made some 16mm adapters for the old Wolverine spindles. Possibly it will fit other 8mm holders too. The reels will be offset 3/4" off the Wolverine frame. Also have made some 8mm/16mm roller pulleys. I tried to keep these small and just as I am writing this I realize I overlooked including a bearing. That might still be added, but the pulley spins very well on the bolt as is.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220116_135414756.jpg Views:	0 Size:	100.3 KB ID:	51913 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220116_135306509.jpg Views:	0 Size:	113.2 KB ID:	51914 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220116_144038836.jpg Views:	0 Size:	53.8 KB ID:	51915

            Also wondering / thinking outloud if it's possible or even worth having both 8mm and 16mm transports always available. Some adjustment would be needed for the reels and pulleys. The pinch roller could simply remain 16mm wide.

            On to the pinch roller!


            • Getting the led light this Thursday. If it is too close to the transport then a cutout can be made on the mounting board and the light can be mounted on the opposite side.
              It would be nice to have the same reel mounts for both 8 and 16mm. Possibly made an adapter for the 8mm as well so that the offsets are the same for both films. Then all you have to change is the gate adapter when switching from one format to another.
              I have completed the controller pcb and the front panel for the switches.
              Click image for larger version

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              • Done! But not yet printed. My printer began acting up on the weekend. Shortly after that I was sick for a few days.

                Still working on the printer, hope this illustrates the centerline of the films are aligned thru the roller.

                16mm 8mm

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2022-01-20 193820.jpg
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                It's always impressive to see the PCB.

                If the new light is too large, maybe we could modify the housing? I'll keep working on the printer and see if I can make the pinch roller deal with 8/16 without adjustment.

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                • Looks good David. Would be good to have the same pinch roller. I just powered up the new light and it is very bright. Will try to attach it to the rig tomorrow. It needs a heatsink. For now I am using piece of aluminum as a heatsink. I believe that the light will be still bright enough if it is mounter on the opposite site of the board, in place of the existing led.


                  • The light sounds promising.

                    Looks like my printer problems might be out of the way, I'll know later today. Usually there will be more than issue that can cause a single problem. I have now found several that were contributing small amounts! @$%#

                    Got the rollers yesterday, thanks!

                    Finally I'm on to the pinch roller. I only plan to modify the rocker arm at the motor. That should leave the rest of the assembly alone. Will see how that goes.


                    • Sounds like a good plan David.
                      I installed the light. It is very bright and it gives excellent image exposure. The drawback is the heat dissipation. A large heatsink is needed or a small fan. I do not like the fan approach and just used a large piece of angle aluminum that worked out perfectly. It keeps the chip cool.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	light.jpg
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                      The new boards are coming in on Thursday this week. Will build two of them, one for you.
                      The main advantage of the new board is the tuning capability with the tuning buttons and switches.


                      • That light is dazzling!

                        Here is a first look at the pinch roller. I'm already making a list of changes. The dual rollers are on a single hub both on the motor and the rocker.

                        Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_20220124_163820031.jpg
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                        The rollers line up, but I think I will replace those on the rocker with the original hubs. The hubs have a slight dome on each side that will keep them friction free. That leaves a small gap between each roller and I might need to match that with the motor's hub.

                        Looking at your pictures, I see just 2 film guides 1 next to each reel. Any problems with the film getting loose?

                        Are you happy with tension spring? Are you using compression or extension?



                        • I ran the test with the takeup motor disabled. Will have to make sure that the takeup force is not pulling the film. It is a balance between the takeup force, gate tension and the idler spring force. Adding additional pulleys (similar to Wolverine) would help with this issue.
                          I am using the transport that you sent me but had to shorted the tie that holds the spring to increase the force.


                          • Hello Stan

                            I'm filling a box with parts to send your way. I'll make a list before it's ready to mail. Pretty much Dual8 and 16 gates, dual 8/16 rollers, 16/8 rocker arm for the pinch roller, 16mm reels, 16mm film,...........

                            So if you have any revisions you'd like to make to the the existing parts being used in the homade telecine, let me know and I'll include those revisions too (unless the changes are complicated!).


                            • Thank you David. I have not done any changes to the 3D parts. Been busy with the new controller. Built two of them including the front panels with the switches. Completed the continuity tests today and so far electrically everything seems to be ok. Will start modifying the MSP firmware tomorrow. Should be done within the next few days at which point I will send you the kit.
                              The new firmware will support 4 different configurations (S8, R8, 16mm and other - whatever that is).


                              • Back to the drawing board!

                                That is, with the alternate gate I was working on. It worked well, but it is a little cumbersome to load and unload. The 35mm neg holds flat and is well illuminated. Now in practice I'm very aware that negs are cut to only 4 frames and sometimes 3.

                                It's not too slow to load, advanced by pulling with my fingers. It's better though not to use my fingers! I have cotton gloves (somewhere) but I didn't even look for them before the test.

                                So the size of the neg carrier or the path should be able to work with 4"-6" negatives and catch them at the other end as they are pushed out by the next strip.

                                If some one shoots negative film today, it would be developed and scanned without being cut.
                                That won't be me, shooting film!

                                So, did I mention the 35mm negative images I just scanned, they look great?

                                Anyway, this is what's in the box I'm sending.

                                2 16mm reels, 1 with film.
                                1 led holder with an enlarged aperture. Big enough for 35mm.
                                4 8/16mm rollers.
                                2 16mm reel adapters to fit on a standard 8mm spindle.
                                2 8mm spacing adapters to keep 8 & 16 films lined up with the rollers.
                                1 rocker arm that uses 2 rubber pinch rollers.
                                1 dual S8/R8 gate
                                1 16mm gate.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220131_203049363.jpg
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                                (Good thing I'm identifying these parts, I just realised I forgot one!#$!%)

                                1 double pinch roller for the motor shaft.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220131_214530353.jpg
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                                Both gates have overscanned apertures.

                                Reg 8 Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC08058.jpg
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ID:	53139Super8 Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC08056.jpg
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Name:	DSC08055.jpg
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                                and yes, I have another box. Should be mailed tomorrow.