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  • Hey Stan, that's a lot of progress for a "slow" start! At least it looks like a lot to me. That circuit board looks daunting!

    So Hawkeye II could stand alone from the Wolverine board? Yes, including the step controller and power supply. The camera I intend to use is a DSLR, it would still need a trigger switch. When I mentioned re-using the Winait parts I was thinking of the motors. The stepper and the takeup.

    Will there be a way to adjust the motor steps, fine tuning S8 or even later 16mm (future)?

    I have printing problems behind me now. I will check all the parts in "my" local and online directory, print & assemble them. I'll send you (or try to upload to github) the files I've changed and then send the assembled parts. I'll tag those with a _2. I think GitHub has a way of tracking changes, I don't know how to use it.

    Is this the only change (gate_bottom_alt) you've made? I'm still going thru the lists.
    Click image for larger version

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    I'd say the white rubber rollers are hands down the first choice. Easy to fit & remove. They have better traction compared to the black rubber.


    • Thanks David, the circuit board is based on the existing Hawkeye I that is why it is a bit messy. I left the Wolverine interface intact so that the board can be used with the Wolverine power supply (which includes the stepper controller). But for those that do not have an old Wolverine for parts the board can be used with the stepper controller available on Amazon.
      I also left the USB interface if the board is to be used with the USB2 cameras.
      A camera trigger is provided and will be able to drive the DSLR type cameras.
      For now the motor steps and fine tuning is done via code changes. It may be possible to create the setup mode where the frame length can be adjusted. Will look into that.
      The new gate design that you provided looks good. I opened up a github branch where you can add your changes.
      You can do a pull request and add the changes there on that branch. You can read up on how the pull requests are done. It is pretty simple.


      • Originally posted by David Brown View Post
        Will there be a way to adjust the motor steps, fine tuning S8 or even later 16mm (future)?
        There are a few spare lines available to the MSP. Possibly add the frame alignment tuning. In order to have that the MSP has to have the flash write
        capabilities which I think it does but have not tested it yet:
        So, the idea is to use the TUNE switch to start the tuning procedure. Then use some other switch to start incrementing or decrementing the frame cadence value and then when done, use another switch to store the value. Note that in tuning mode the functionality of switches changes.
        With this implemented, it may be possible to redesign the scanner for 16 or 35 mm, or for still negatives.
        The gate definitely would have to be different plus the reel mounts. The pinch roller may not need any changes.


        • Hello Stan

          I tried to use the GitHub, says I'm locked out. I will look at that again later.

          For now here is a zip of files I changed and short descriptions. I have the parts ready to mail. I thought I'd wait to see if you had something to add after you look at the .rsdocs.

          I was going to run the film thru it one last time and I found the Winait board has failed. The takeup motor still runs. There is no voltage on the board by the stepper's plug. Maybe I should just order the motor driver now. It should be able to just run the motor, I only want to have movement for now. No rush.

          This stepper and the suggested power supply?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	stepper.jpg
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          • Thank you David,
            I have to add you as a collaborator to github. Then you can update the items in the bransch.
            The amazon controller will not work standalone. It still needs the step clock.
            The new boards came in and I will send you one of them next week some time.
            Will review the rsdocs.


            • Hi David, I added you as a collaborator to github. You can try adding your updates to the branch.


              • Thank you Stan. Collaborator I am. Watched a help file on Git and GitHub. Files like pictures, .rsdoc, or non script/text files don't seem to fit the history tracking of Git. I have used the _2 to separate changes from the original.

                The illustrated notes I made, had to lose the illustrations as it was over 25 meg. The pictures are among the files.


                • Thanks David. I see you cleaned up the designs, added rounded edges and reinforcements. Also you added a standalone stepper bracket. I assume this can be used when the transport is not directly connected to the stepper or for stepper testing. Good work.
                  I received the controller boards and started putting two of the boards together. Will take a while.
                  BTW - do you still plan to use this with the Winait power supply?


                  • Parts are on their way. 9505 5161 9059 1347 5797 51 ~Friday. These are for testing. On final, I think the gate parts at least should be black!

                    I have lost confidence in the Winait board. The stepper no longer runs. Not sure why though it saw a lot use with it's previous owner!

                    So, yes I think I want another power supply. Is that something I can buy, or is it part of the controller board you're building?

                    Stan, if you want something printed, it should be done next day. The mail is another story!


                    • Thank you David. The power supply comes with the board.


                      • Thank you David for the 3D parts. Received them today. Will try to put them together tomorrow. A note on power supply. The new controller is compatible with the Wolverine/Winait 12V AC adapter. Alternatively the following adapter could be used instead.


                        • Update:
                          Assembled one controller and it runs OK in basic run mode. It advances the stepper a frame at the time. Need to add the switches for RUN, ALIGN and DIR but run out of SPDT switches. Maybe just short the wires together until the switches come in. Will get the second board done for David within the next few days.


                          • Getting there slowly.
                            Got the basic assembly done.
                            A test shot.
                            Have two switches
                            1. Run - same as Hawkeye 1
                            2. Align - creep forward for alignment

                            Outstanding items:
                            - Get the board done for David
                            - Get the Mark2 MagicLantern working again
                            - Need the reel mounts
                            - Run a test clip
                            - Setup mode - for frame alignment
                            - S8/R8/16mm switching


                            • Hello Stan and almost Happy New Year. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

                              Looks good. Yes, it is time consuming and looks like you are having success. I should order the controller and other parts I need. I was waiting to see if you were happy, sounds like you are. I'll go thru past posts and make a list.

                              Do you need the magic lantern for capture speed? What are you using for your light/led source? I have a very small line voltage bulb that I might use. The led lights I have been using are battery driven, though I think they could be usb powered, not just charged.

                              Are you trying find reel mounts? Just as a quick fix, I used a projector for the takeup. It did not overpower the pinch roller. I also tried using a takeup with a hand crank. I don't recommend that for more than 2 minutes!


                              • Hi David, Happy New Year to you too. The MagicLantern software is used with the Mark2 to enable shutterless capture. I used a 3V white led for the light source. It works reasonably well. For reel mounts I could use the Wolverine mounts for now but plan to design my own ultimately.
                                I will send you the controller for free since you helped with the 3D parts.