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    I will try to incorporate the stepper mount and pinch rollers with the spring as a part of the gate design. Will see how it goes. This way the complete transport and the gate are essentially one assembly that can be on a piece of wood that can be slid up and down for alignment with the camera. The overlap section then can be cut off.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gate-mounting.jpg
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    I see you are using the mask. I don't think it is needed with the DSLR cams with macro lenses but it is required for the 8mm lenses to reduce the lens flare.


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      I did have problems with flair when I began trying to shoot 8mm still images. Parts were loosly arranged. The camera on a tripod, a flash sitting a table and a cardboard gate clipped to a book case. Masking the sprocket holes helped surpress flair. I think the real problem was getting the camera and the film parallel, and the flash aligned. Pretty difficult.

      You're certainly right. Now, I never see any flair with the dslr even with the sprockets uncovered.

      Lately I've been trying to be more fluent in Fusion 360. It's not been intuitve. Another part is remembering how small this gate is! The pieces on screen can be magnified so much that I'm surprised to look at the printed parts.

      Anyway, I do need drop the gate for a while and get the reels and rollers in place. I'm interested to see how your gate assembly moves forward. Interesting illustration!


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        I've been busy helping Bruce fix the bugs in the UX178 HDR app. Got it finally going really nice but that was quite a bit of work. ImagingSource use a generic api for exposure settings and that is very coarse. Contacted the engineers in Germany and they pointed me to a better and more precise interface that worked out quite well. But anyways will get back to the gate assembly and will see how that goes.


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          There's no rush here.

          You are amazing Stan! That is great news, Bruce has struggled with that camera for a long time. He reached out to me about my HDR experiences with Hawkeye. I couldn't offer any help. Glad you could get that resolved.

          Bruce is the one that linked us to the Enfuse GUI for Windows. It is exactly what I was looking for to be able to get exposure settings and then transfer the settings to the line commands. Most if not all HDR software is not useable for movie capture, like Enfuse.


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            Just very very patient David, thank you for the words of encouragement. Yes, pretty happy the way that one turned out. Bruce is happy as well. We ran the two exposures and will go to 3. I will also document all of it just in case other people would like to go that way. The UX178 camera is very nice actually once you figure out all of it little quirks.
            Back to homemade, I added several components to the 3D design.
            Click image for larger version  Name:	film_gate_concept3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	49.6 KB ID:	46683

            Added the stepper, stepper mount and the rollers.
            The rollers that are used are from:
            Amazon also has similar ones:
            The rubber on the amazon brand is not as good quality.

            Plan to reuse the rubber from the rollers for the stepper. The hub is custom design and the rubber part just slips on it. The idle roller is as is. The figure above just shows the loose parts not aligned properly. A separate design will have all of the components aligned.

            Still have to add the pinch idler bracket that attaches to the motor mount.

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              Here is the assembly with all of the parts aligned.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	film_gate_assembly1.jpg
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ID:	46729 Click image for larger version

Name:	film_gate_assembly1.jpg
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              The gate is mounted on a small enclosure that acts as a standoff and as the LED housing. The pinch roller spring is not shown. It mounts between the two tabs providing a downward pressure on the idler.
              The stl file is available here:
              Will get the necessary parts and try to assemble the unit.


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                You have been busy......

                Let me know when you feel ready to print this, I'd be glad to do it. I have to be faster than Shapeways and it's free. I must have printed 10 or more versions of the gates I was building. Once it is tangible, I find a lot of things to change!

                I guess I should replace my printer's mother board this weekend. I've waited since I've been printing so much. Done with that for a while.


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                  Thank you very much for your offer David. I will go through the design a few more times. Do not want to miss something big and then let you know.


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                    Hi David, the complete DesignSoark design is availabe here:

                    Included are a few instructions on how to fit the parts together. Since you have a 3D printer it will be easier for you to tweak the design to make it fit properly. I will send you some parts as well like a set of rollers, shaft and the stepper,
                    The critical is the shaft fit for the idle roller and the rocker arm as shown:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	assembly1-instructions.jpg
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                      Wow! I will begin going thru all this tomorrow.


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                        Thanks David. The bracket has to be made a bit narrower to reduce the rocker arm sideways play. I was not sure what the printer tolerances are so I left it wider. Also the spring tabs probably have to be reinforced to prevent them from bending or breaking.


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                          Updated the files.
                          Here is what a completed assembly should look like:


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                            Stan, 1 quick question. There will be a list of questions later!

                            Does something fasten to the Gate_Bottom by the dovetail slot? If not, can I fill it in?

                            Hope this helps.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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                              That is for the diffuser since the diffuser has to be close to the film. If the diffuser is too far from the film the sides of the mounting board could reflect onto the film top surface and emphasize the film scratches.


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                                Updated the design in github.
                                Made the roller bracket a bit tighter and reinforced the spring tabs.