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  • Permanent setup for projectors and screen - Your Screening Room Pictures

    I've had a permanent projector and screen setup for awhile with a Super 8mm and a 16mm projector. A couple weeks ago I added a third table and setup my Eumig 824 strictly for Regular 8mm. Since I had to set the Eumig a little closer the projected image doesn't completely fill the screen...but it's plenty big. I like that the projector is all ready to go in case I want to watch my regular 8 films.

    Click image for larger version

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    Here I'm running "The Good-bye Girl" in 16mm. In front of the film projectors there is a very old digital projector I bought off the Goodwill. All the projectors hook up to my two little guitar amps under the screen. Simple setup and the sound is great! It so nice to have everything in one room all set up and ready to go...Films, TV, DVDs, and Streaming. I love it!

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    Very nice setup Janice!


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      Hello Janice I like it very much good job.

      Here are some of mine 😀
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        Great room Chip!


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          Waw. fantastic, Janice and Chip !


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            brilliant set ups. really great . it's wonderful having permanent viewing rooms like these. and a new picture of Dominique.


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              As Janice and Chip have found out - there is nothing like having a dedicated screening room/home theater. Can we have a dedicated forum area to post members home cinema pictures?


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                Ya know, I'm so used to the old website for this hobby I actually resized my pictures (above) in order to post them here! LOL


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                  Janice & Chip,

                  I am so jealous of your setups. I'm thrilled if I can leave mine set up overnight.


                  I think a dedicated thread (such as this one) would suffice. We could continue the Grand Old Forum thread Your Screening Room Pictures here.

                  Janice, would you mind if your thread became that?



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                    Great idea Doug....Absolutely not a problem. Bring 'um on!


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                      Fantastic setup Janice, love the director's chairs too!


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                        Since we can't edit our original posts after a certain period of time on the new forum...I'm going to add this third photo showing the pullout sofa I usually set at to watch my screen. The director chairs also work out very well when more people are in the room. They are very comfortable and I can easily move them around and keep heads out of the beam of the projector

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	CineRoom--Sofa.jpg Views:	0 Size:	163.1 KB ID:	492

                        No comments on my poor cable management. All I can say is that everything works


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                          Janice, I love that place !


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                            It’s wonderful to see permanent set-ups Janice and Chip. I’ve long dreamt of having such a space, with a projection booth. I do have a suitable room in the house but it’s got recording equipment, guitars, amps etc. In there at the moment. When I get too long in the tooth to perform, it will become a cinema room...I hope.


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                              I have this...situation here...

                              It turns out the nicest room in the house for films is also the nicest room for (You know...) people.

                              So I have to share my theatrical facilities with the rest of the family. Whatever I have has to be easily changeable back and forth between movie theater mode, and normal house mode.

                              Here's a good example: this is our front window. Obviously you've caught us at our most festive moment. (The Manger scene was once a revered tradition in my Parents' house, and now ours.)

                              This is how it looks on a typical December day.
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail_IMG_2081_December-2019.jpg Views:	0 Size:	97.8 KB ID:	614
                              -but grab the handle and pull it down:

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail_IMG_2083_Screen Down 2019 December.jpg Views:	0 Size:	68.4 KB ID:	615

                              Of course you can't imagine how many times we've had company over and had some busy-body say how nice it would be if we put a couch in front of that window...
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