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    Looks like a great compromise Steve. I'll classify yours as a semi-permanent setup. I really like your screen.

    Don't you just love it when people offer unsolicited decorating advice


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      Thanks, Janice!

      This has broad political implications within our household: I now have veto power over all new curtains! (Still obligated to put them up!)

      What's kind of fun is when we have people over to watch movies: first timers often look around and ask "Where's the screen??".

      This screen is a 52" by 92" Da-Lite. I used to come up with these spectacular mounting schemes so I could take it to remote shows.

      -those days may be over: our new car may be too small to carry it!
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        That looks great Steve.....


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          Those are all very nice projection set ups there folks. Thanks for sharing as i am really fond of seeing how others project their films and the compromises involved with having to share a home with others.
          I at one time many life times ago had a permanent set up in a room with a small projection box ( booth ) . I really miss it at times .


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            That's a great idea Steve, and a good compromise! Love how Janice is able to have 3 different formats up all the time, pretty sweet!


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              How do you convince a lady who has slept through every great film ever made that a screen on the wall is a good thing. We're moving shortly and, so far, I haven't won the argument. Keep the pictures coming. I might yet win the tussle!


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                There's no permanent setup in my apartment. It's too small. But, I have a home theatre dream that will not die - It's a movie palace-style screening room, with projection booth that has two portholes, one for Super 8 (or any portable projector) and one for an Elmo LX-1100 16mm.

                We can post our dreams, can't we?


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                  These things weigh heavily on the mind!

                  -a couple of years ago I had this dream: I shoved the china closet aside and found this door I'd never noticed before! (Strange: I'd PAINTED that wall at least twice!)

                  The knob was missing and it was painted shut. I got a crowbar and pried it open. I found a long, narrow, empty room with a high ceiling

                  Between then and the moment I woke up and remembered that wall is external and there's nothing on the other side but my side lawn and my neighbor's house, I finally had my dedicated home theater and I was pretty pleased about it!

                  -you ever wake up from a really great dream saying "Noooo! NOOOO!!!"?

                  (If I was actively collecting films when we were looking for houses, I would certainly have looked for ones with a full basement!)
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                    This is what the projector end of my setup looks like. Right now I am running a nice pair of Elmo ST-800s. The left hand one is sitting on top of the blu-ray player that provides signal for my VP. The outlet strip provides a means of turning everything on and off, and also surge protection to keep old, hard to replace electronics from getting injured by lightning strikes and other nasties from the grid. I recently moved it up on top of the table to keep the cats from gnawing my line cords! The mixer is to gather all my audio and send it on down the line to my amp. It's also where I do volume control. From the left: channel 1 is the left hand ST-800, channel 2 is the right and channel 3 is the blu-ray player. Channel 4 is empty today. Most commonly that's for 16mm, but it's been laptops and iPods and all sorts of noisy things that needed to work through better speakers for our listening pleasure. Also present are one of my 'scope lenses and the auditorium lens that keeps the 'scope image from spilling off my screen.

                    All of this operates on kind of a treaty: I have squatters rights because a long time ago, we only used this end of the house for company. I camped out on the south end of the dining room table and even after our renovations and the migration that followed, I stayed there. Of course being a marriage and a family, some kind of accommodations have to be made! When we have major company (or it's time to change the tablecloth), all of this stuff goes away. (Close friends and family kind of expect it there!)

                    We are currently re-thinking this arrangement. It's a bear to re-connect all these cables and my wife doesn't always enjoy eating with lenses staring at her. We've come up with the idea of getting a nice cart, removing that extra leaf from the table and having the setup basically permanent on it. On State Occasions, it would be a case of disconnecting just a few external connections and rolling it away. Return to service would be much easier too.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2121_ToshibaTabletop_January 2nd.JPG Views:	0 Size:	172.0 KB ID:	1802
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                      I posted this years ago on the old forum, but since I think most of us will not bother checking the archive unless we are looking for something specific, I am reposting my humble home cinema.

                      The only change since those pictures were taken is that the Sony DCP-1000 analog stereo sound processor has been replaced with a Dolby CP65.


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                        This is a lesson to all you film collectors (or model railroaders) out there: Get a house with a full basement and you can do what Mitchell does here.

                        -I bought a split level (half basement), which means I have to blend into regular house spaces like a chameleon!

                        (This is no life for a Mammal!)


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                          I have the same situation as Steve.

                          In my lounge bay window I have a white roller blind. Purchased from a local chain store as a "daylight" blind, i.e., thick enough to block any outside light, it does a great job as a cine screen, I have the 122cm width (4ft) and it's ideal for Super 8 and 16mm, for 16mm 'scope I use a long focus backing lens.

                          Here is the shop ad, note that the blind is white although it's obviously not a good picture. I can assure you that it is as white as white.



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                            My screen is exactly where a set of shades would hang, and we've even used it that way when it's very bright out and somebody was sitting facing the window.

                            From the outside, it looks like we keep drawing a shade over the front window! What must the neighbors think we are up to?!

                            -will I finish a show someday, roll up the screen and find a Peeping Tom on my front porch?!

                            (I should paint the back of the screen to look like my living room!)


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                              A nice read and pictures all. 😀

                              A look back to the Super 8 sound film force awakening in me here is my 1972 Eumig I ordered as a boy and took delivery towards Christmas that year but had to wait till Christmas day for a 200ft cartoon from Santa.
                              Some witnessed it in Blackpool a few years ago projecting in the cinema up against a Elmo Xenon.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	LMOimig.jpg Views:	0 Size:	124.1 KB ID:	11094

                              Now my oldest surviving film friend this Eumig has given others and me lots of entertainment over the decades and as you can see has been very much looked after. This then is my most basic setup in our home Kinema where we project 8mm, 9.5, 16mm and 17.5mm sound films. My most recent install was a 4K UHD projector and player replacing my old Benq proj which gave excellent service.


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                                Originally posted by Lee Mannering View Post
                                A nice read and pictures all. 😀

                                A look back to the Super 8 sound film force awakening in me here is my 1972 Eumig I ordered as a boy
                                Goodness Lee, your Eumig is immaculate! I see it benefits from a lens upgrade too.