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    Moderator's note: This is a continuation of the Grand Old Forum's Your today in pictures, a 44 page thread started by Lee Mannering back in 2015.

    This was such a nice thread to keep up with peoples happenings...

    We had a beauty ice storm last week, i know many others were affected...but I thought there was some great beauty in it all. Here are some pics.
    I like the first one of my snapdragons in a dome, everything froze outside, but they kept alive still through it. I don't think they can last much longer but pretty good so far!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	icecovered.jpg Views:	214 Size:	110.9 KB ID:	778tree1tree2

    Today is 0*C and all is melted but glad i took some pics.
    Anyone else have any interesting things going on?
    Graham, I hope everything is okay over in New Zealand with the latest volcano!
    Matt 📽

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    Beautiful pics Mathew! Perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit for me. We don't get much snow in Sunnyvale, CA. We haven't even had much frost this year...just lots of rain.


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      Those pictures look great Mathew glad you started up this topic again, it was always interesting. White Island is a small island 48km of the coast of the North Island. It is a active volcano and like any active volcano can for the most part look quite innocent. However in this case a eruption happened when a tour group were visiting it. I understand 47 people were on the island at the time, at present 6 dead, 8 missing, with another 27 with severe burns including inhalation burns. I understand that there were indicators that there was an increase it activity prior to the eruption. I do think they need to keep people away from the island and I am sure the tour operators have a bit to answer for as to what has happened.


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        Nice Work, Matt!

        This is what my son and I accomplished after dinner:

        (Getting a railroad to California couldn't have been so complicated!)

        Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail_IMG_2086_Weiachtszug.jpg Views:	0 Size:	90.4 KB ID:	825

        (I also gassed up the snowblower: this may be a story tomorrow!)


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          I totally love the train Steve.


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            Made the wise decision to make a permanent rack for my home Cine ma. Professional metal racks we use for media are rather expensive and so decided to make my own construction.
            CLS timber, MDF shelves 60 3" screws and a lick of satin paint. It would have been finished but construction was delayed as I had a ambulance ride to casualty recently holding up the process, the hospital nurses were very nice tho.

            We launch the new rack this weekend when we give our first show celebrating the life of Richard Hearne aka Mr Pastry, all rather exciting.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC04546.JPG
Views:	1815
Size:	26.8 KB
ID:	1002


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              Welcome, Lee!

              -and thanks, Janice!

              I laid a siding in front of the entertainment center, and am now offering goods transport. (TWO Beer Cars!)

              If business remains strong (-and the...regulatory authorities are willing!), I will reach the Kitchen before Epiphany!

              Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail_IMG_2092_Decembeer_14th.jpg Views:	0 Size:	101.1 KB ID:	1011


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                Brilliant photos everyone, Steve a strange thing happened regarding my old "Hornby" train set I gave away to a friend way back in 1973. Well I was on a Facebook page someone had set up on the town in Scotland I once lived in. I made a comment about a topic, soon after I received a "friend request" from a friend I had gone to school with, the one I gave the train set to initially . Well he now has it and its been around the family quite a bit so I have been told. The internet is amazing place and great to catch up with people I have not been in contact with for 46 years with all the news was really something.

                This week getting the garden done was on the list of things to do, Its summer at the moment so things are a bit dry. Here is a photo of our front picket fence I put up a few years ago for Yvonne, still looking good, and just the other night with the feature film "Labyrinth" from 1986.


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                  I've had these trains starting when i was 17 years old. The very first starter set I bought at a big hobby shop in Manhattan. We visited the Empire State Building that day, so that immense box got to ride all 88 stories to the observation deck! (We're only young once!)

                  Sometimes model railroad companies like to spice up their offerings a little, just to generate interest. Lionel for example had a flat car that launched a helicopter while under way (Let's run THAT past the Federal Railroad Administration, and the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation!). They also had an aquarium car with little plastic fish sloshing around inside. Let's face it: Other than the paint job, one 40 foot steel boxcar is just the same as any other 40 foot steel boxcar!

                  When my parents gave me THIS:
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	ZilirtalBierCarDecmeber14thLGB.jpg Views:	0 Size:	158.7 KB ID:	1025

                  I thought the kind folks at the Lehman Groß Bahn were pulling a Lionel on me!
                  -but I checked into it and:
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	DasRichtigeZittertalDing12_14_2109.jpg Views:	0 Size:	143.1 KB ID:	1029

                  -so sometimes Truth CAN be stranger than fiction!
                  Last edited by Steve Klare; December 14, 2019, 04:31 PM.


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                    Fantastic Steve


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                      Very cool Steve!!



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                        one of the walls of my room


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                          Marseille seen by a drone


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                            My office


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                              Marseille my city