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What Blu-Ray did you watch last night?

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  • What Blu-Ray did you watch last night?

    Other than collecting general Blu-Rays many are available which sit nicely in my 8mm,9.5 and 16mm film collection complementing it. To start the ball rolling here are a few we recently watched.

    The Avengers CYBERNAUTS TRILOGY (Network)

    This is a beautiful collection of all three Cybernaut film episodes. They have scanned them in 2K Arri and from the original cut camera negatives and a gorgeous watch with Peter Cushing looking very smart and a top performance as usual. You have the option of including vintage adverts or not and it comes with a nice 32 page brochure. This is a superb replacement for my Super 8 print which has now gone red but I had projected it much over the years so it needs a rest. Around £18 UK Code B

    Following in fathers footsteps my love of 3D is well known so CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is never far away. Thankfully we have (USA) 3D FILM ARCHIVE who continue to restore 50's classics with a good number available.

    Tonight we watch SCROOGE 1970 another nice transfer supplemented with my 16mm documentary of the making. Looking forward to that.

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    Santa brought me 4 new blu rays to compliment my super 8 and 16mm purchases in 2019, these were Crawl - the Highly enjoyable Alligator flick, Once Upon a time in Hollywood - Tarantino's new one, Hammer's - The Satanic Rites of Dracula with the great Cushing and Lee and finally The new arrow transfer of George C Scott in The Exorcist 3. So the 1st one I watched was Crawl - which i did see at the cinema this year - some great jump moments - ill watch the others before I go back to work.


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      The Panasonic VP has been getting a lot of use over the last week, but last night it was "Avatar" for Yvonne. Others over the last week have been "The Road" based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Cormac McCarthy starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Its a good movie, however the subject matter is quite grim and it comes with a R16 rating for good reason. Changing tack the other night was the epic 1966 "Khartoum" outstanding movie with a top notch blu-ray transfer, it also comes with a nice collectors booklet. Changing tack once again two night ago, with "The Flight Of The Navigator" who remembers that one? from 1986 brilliant stuff, excellent transfer. I particular like the music and the high speed end credits, its real 1980s stuff. Another one we watched is a new release, called AD ASTRA starring Brad Pitt, its a si-fi thriller set in space with amazing special effects.


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        It will be interesting to see in the future if this thread reaches the dizzy heights of its equivalent 8mm and 16mm threads...…..

        My first contribution to it is not what I saw last night, but what Santa brought me.

        Rocket Man

        Stan & Ollie


        12 Angry Men

        …... at least the Elmo will get a breather somewhere along the line!!


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          Amazing 3-D restoration!! Click image for larger version

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            Criterion's "To Be or Not To Be" (1942), with that great Polish actor Joseph Tura.


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              One off the "to watch" pile, Star Wars - the Force Awakens. A bit like a re-run of the original three.


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                Gremlins and the new Tarrantino Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Mark


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                  Here is a screen shot of Khartoum shown the other night...but last night it was "RV" with Robin Williams

                  PS Still trying to get these screen shots right
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                    Turn the clock back someone!

                    Started my marathon Terminator viewing and completing the series this week. The Terminator was watch last night on both Blu-Ray and ended with the last reel of the Super 8 feature all superb fun.

                    Finished the night with ...wait for it... SAG NIEMALS NIE what you are saying? The German un cut Blu-ray of Never Say Never Again which is really quite superb. Code A-B-C Wished my Vespa had some of the kit Sean had on that bike.

                    Terminator II next up, part Super 8 Scope, flat older Blu-Ray then ending with the newer 3D release.


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                      Last night: The original Pink Panther from projected DVD. I've been sending my son You-Tube Clouseau Clips for months and thought it was about time he saw the Master in all his destructive genius!

                      Next: A Shot in the Dark

                      Even when we go Epson, we always start with something on film!
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                        Not last night but last week "Capricorn One" blu-ray using the Panasonic VP


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                          We love 'Star Trek' in all its forms, we recently re-watched the 1st season of 'Star Trek Discovery' which was great in about 2;1 widescreen, we've gone onto season 2 and to my amazement it's full widescreen 2;39/1, it's shown clips from season 1 in this format too, so why wasn't it released as season 2 has been, very curious who decides these things. Anyway it's a marvelous edition to the 'Star Trek' franchise, with plenty of action and some fine charchter development too, considering that the first season had 15 episodes and season 2 has 14, the writing has been very consistently good, I would reccomend it to any lover of 'Star Trek' or sci-fi in general, and money hasn't been spared on the visuals, which are sumptuous.


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                            Another memorable night TERMINATOR II Watched part of the original BR release, then switched to Super 8 Scope and ended with the 3D Blu-Ray steelbook which is pretty awesome.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Terminator Salvation 2009
                              One of the series which offers a few nods to the original and the more I watch it the more I like it. That bike sequence would make a nice reel on Super 8 Scope.