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  • Tonight watched the blu-ray on the VP... "Spitfire"...excellent and highly recommend it.



    • Tonight I watched Dr Who The Deadly Assassin (I don't know how you can be an assassin without being deadly ) with newly created 5.1 sound from the season 14 box set.


      • Started our Star Wars marathon but don't ask me which film we are up to fun tho and first 3 films done.
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        • Sad with the demise of loved Twilight Time. My final order has arrived so its Saturday at the pictures for us.
          Pirates of blood river.
          Chris Lee in MegaScope a Hammer gem


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ID:	11267 Yesterday I projected a blu ray, my first since November 2019. The projector is used twice a week for HD material but the content is usually streamed. This is the 2 disc documentary/ collected works programme of Gerry Anderson content, both of which had a limited cinema release a few years ago and which saw at the time. Also included in this 'programme' presentation line up are the original 'bumpers' used for advertisement breaks used to present various Anderson related advertisements, some of which I have on S8/ 16mm. The second disc contains a documentary on the production methods.


            • Alien...The directors cut blu-ray projected using the Panasonic VP
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              • Two new delivery's watched after some S8 :-)

                Gracie Fields LOOKING ON THE BRIGHT SIDE 1932 (Network) and great quality Code B

                TAZA SON OF COCHISE in Thrilling 3-D Rock Hudson 1954. Filmed using the same 3D camera rig as Creature from the black lagoon. Excellent depth and scanned at 2K a great Universal watch.
                (Kino Lorber) Code A


                • Using the Epson tonight for Jurassic Park in 3D and its looks stunning in that format
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                  • Long before Taika Waititi directed, wrote, and acted in "Jo Jo Rabbit" and "Hunt for the "Wilderpeople" and others, he did a New Zealand film back in 2010 which had a very successful cinema run both here in NZ and Australia, called "Boy" which I watched on blu-ray last night.

                    I understand he is to direct the next Star Wars film, so that I am sure will be interesting, I note there has been a lot of positive feedback from Star Wars fans when Disney announced Taika Waititi was going to direct it. To be honest after watching "The Force Awakens" I lost interest in Star Wars, except for "Rogue One" which was good. If Taika can inject a bit more life into this next one and I am sure he can, I might even go and see it.

                    Screen shot from the 2010 movie "Boy". I think I still have the 35mm trl.

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                    • Last night the Hammer film "Hands of the Ripper" with commentary from Angharad Rees. It was part of a double bill with "Twins of Evil" on original release, which I saw at the local ABC at the time. I could have recreated that as I have the Blu ray of that too but I started too late.

                      Angharad was not top billing in this, Jane Merrow was billed as starring with Eric Porter. I help backstage at a local amateur drama group where we had a director, with a heavy German accent who also ran an employment agency. I knew he was also an actor with bit parts in films like Jubilee and others that needed a German accented minor character. It was years before I learned that he was Jane Merrow's father, she returned to England after his death for while to run the agency.


                      • Last night, "The Pianist" outstanding film, outstanding blu-ray release, projected using the Panasonic VP.


                        • Hello Frisco Hello 1943 Alice Faye John Payne and Jack Oakie. This was my late fathers fave film and my last purchase from closing down Twilight Time.
                          A really nice BR and of course a film full of music and colour. I just wish Dad was still here to see the quality over his Betamax tape of it.
                          Jack Oakie was reported to have never worn makeup in any of his on screen film work.

                          This Blu-Ray will also play in the UK and you have just a couple of weeks to order anything from TT before they close up shop.



                          • Last night was a little special.

                            On Saturday, our son graduated (in 2020 fashion...) from high school. For shorts, I rigged the Elmos for 18 FPS and silent and showed two home movies. The first was one one I made when he was 3 years old about how special children are: It's him all of 2' 6" tall "hiking" a trail around a local pond on a beautiful October day. The second one was shot at my own high school graduation. Both are wonderful Kodachromes, and the first one has footage in it that was among that last batch processed at Dwayne's in 2010. From the cut of the leader, it looks like I haven't seen myself graduate from high school since my Moviedeck days ended in 2002!

                            The feature? Young Frankenstein projected digitally. Neither my wife nor son had ever seen it and they thought it was hysterical!


                            • Priceless memories Steve.
                              Oft watch films of my son growing up and also filmed some in anaglyph 3D with my home made camera unit glued on the front of a Kodak S8 camera. Best results were filmed in the snow with him and friends throwing snow balls at me filming.

                              Been watching the BFI BR The Best of British Transport Films all 379 minutes and quite amazing resto work. The 2 disc set contains many of the greats that made 8mm including..
                              This is York
                              Train Time
                              Elizabethan Express
                              Railways Forever and many more.

                              We watched Farmers moving south and Locomotion.

                              B07NBP8JZY Best £10 I ever spent


                              • Watched the 3D version last night and I must say it looked good. The B/W picture as with the sound was excellent. In some small parts the 3D did not work to well, however that is only really a "minor problem" as for the most part the 3D was very impressive. Considering this film came out in 1953 it really is a must have to any 3D blu-ray collection.

                                To sum up it was great fun to watch, an excellent and most enjoyable classic 3D movie.
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