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    We watched the 1968 Romeo and Juliet over the weekend.

    This isn't really so much about the disk as about the movie itself. This particular R and J is famous for the music within it, including one that's become so famous that a lot of people think Tchaikovsky wrote it for his Romeo and Juliet symphony. (One of those people used to be me!)

    Now the thing of this is long before we are ready to process Shakespeare, some well meaning English Teacher is standing there ready to give us more than our fill. I mean, let's think about it: there you are, 14 years old. Your world is kind of turning upside down on you! Your body is doing things you never imagined it was designed to do. The entire world seems intent on forcing you to grow up a lot faster than you ever can. Even Mom and Dad aren't as brilliant as you once thought!

    -then along comes some Teacher wanting you to read...this stuff! They speak some language the Teacher says is English, but it doesn't sound like any English you ever heard! Teacher says some of it is funny, but you don't get it! They are saying these are the greatest stories ever written. OK, then how come there are no pictures?

    In the wrong hands, this can be pretty discouraging stuff. I had some great English teachers who really loved literature and plays, and they wanted us to love them too. They made them fun and dramatic and interesting and 40 years later I still remember what they taught me. -and yet there are those...others. When you have some teacher who figured out he should have become an optometrist 20 years ago and he's just biding his bitter time until retirement, termination or just plain old death, Shakespeare can be an instrument of torture!

    - had at least two of these!

    So, maybe two years ago, I bought the disk. My inner 14 year old kind of resisted the idea of actually...watching it. Last week, I told my wife I wanted to watch it and she seemed happy about it until I reminded her it was in the original English, then the happiness turned into a reluctant willingness to at least try it. I told my son, and he quickly made himself scarce. He's still in high school (-too soon!).

    So, we put it on screen with plan "B" firmly in place: "-eject the disk, go get pizza, never mention it again!".

    The shock of it was we really enjoyed it! The scenery, the costuming and sets, the music, the acting were all fantastic! Of course we couldn't follow the dialog word for word, but it made its point regardless.

    -and who knows, just maybe we aren't 14 years old anymore!

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      You will need 3D glasses to see this screen shot from the "Jurassic Park" Blu-ray from the other night. I still cant get over how they do this to an old film, but the results are truly amazing

      Click image for larger version

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        Yes, the 3-D conversion Blu-ray for the original Jurassic Park is spectacular. If I did not know better, I would swear it was actually shot in 3-D. The conversion was done by the same company that did the conversion for The Wizard Of Oz, another spectacular conversion.


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          Last night it was the blu-ray of "The Island" 1980, both picture and sound are very good, however the movie itself is certainly a strange one. The Island is very "violent" and some of the scenes do seem so out of place. I would regard it as very much a "B" movie. However for all its weirdness, it does hold your attention. I did once own it new on Super 8 from Universal 8 2/400ft long ago. Without doubt this is not for everyone. I do think the filmakers could have done a much better job with the story. Anyway I will leave that up to you to judge. The blu-ray was a cheap one to buy, but in saying that I thought the film transfer release to Umbrella entertainment blu-ray is very good.


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            Well its been a few years now since I last watched this blu-ray, so last night I opted to watch the 2014 movie of "Boychoir" instead of Titanic will keep that one for another night. Anyway Boychoir is a good movie with a superb cast with Dustin Hoffman, brilliant as always Kathy Bates who also starred in "Titanic". Garrett Wareing who plays the past of Stet. The last time I checked its US TV release was pulled at the last minute, even under different name and to date no DVD or Blu-ray release either in the US. I did a bit of research on "Google" last night as to see again the why? and in my view those reasons don't hold up at all, as to why its been given such treatment. So if you live in the "US" the chances of seeing it is pretty slim and will continue to be the case.

            The good news is the Australian group "Becker" got the rights to distribute the DVD and blu-ray out this way, and have been doing it for a while now. The film itself did the cinema run back in 2014. The rating for the movie is "PG" just above the "G" rating, which these days is pretty unusual, as most stuff is higher in "M" or "R" rating. I should add, there is nothing in "Boychoir" which is offensive and I mean "NOTHING" I stress that bit.

            Anyway here is the Aussie Becker group trailer of the film...


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              Click image for larger version

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                MAN OF A 1000 FACES 1957 Arrow BR.

                A gorgeous watch in Cinemascope thanks to Arrow and from a new scan of the camera negative which I cant praise enough. This was one of my late fathers fave films and still have the Betamax of it archived for sentimental posterity we watched together so many times. I wished dad was here to see this projected or perhaps he was...

                James Cagney stars of course and this first pressing comes with a special book from Vic at the BFI, my fathers name strangely enough.

                Watched on a 8ft screen its jaw dropping good and a broad overview of Lon Chaney's life and stardom.
                Around £13 if you shop around.


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                  Hi all

                  I re-watched the wonderful Martin Scorsese classic - "King of Comedy". A truly outstanding movie with great performances from Robert De Niro but especially by comedy legend, Jerry Lewis! He was playing it very straight as a talk show host worshiped by Robert De Niro but ultimately kidnapped bu him! Lol

                  Heres the trailer to the great I said Jerry Lewis is amazing in this!

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                    Last night it was the blu-ray "steelbox" of "Patton" Its little wonder it won seven 1970 Academy Awards including best picture. This blu-ray release by Fox was in 2013. I have the feeling the earlier blu-ray release was not as good picture wise. This edition is however excellent in both picture and sound. If you are a using a VP like I was last night, the 2.20:1 ratio fits my screen in its entirety which is a ratio I like

                    The running time is 171 minutes and has a intermission. This particular blu-ray release of "Patton" is a movie I would very highly recommend.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Watched Jo Jo Rabbit on Blu-ray projected using the Panasonic VP. The movie has just been released in both DVD and Blu-ray here in NZ. Although I watched it at the cinema last year, this was a chance to look more closely at the movie itself. I find at times there are certain movies that need more than one viewing to fully appreciate it, this is one of those. Without doubt this was a tricky one to make, due to the subject matter. Its really well done and the casting was excellent, without doubt young actor Roman Davis as Jo Jo does a amazing job. If you are wondering if its worth watching don't be put of by the trailer, as that tends to make it more humorous than the the film actually is, which is quite serious in the sense of brainwashing of the young, and how with the passing of time the truth of it all slowly surfaces with tragic consequence.

                      Anyway there are extra feature on the blu-ray which I have not had time to view but will hopefully watch soon.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        I really liked JoJo Rabbit Graham. It's both humorous and poignant at the same time. I'm a big Sam Rockwell fan and love his work.
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                          I don't have a lot of Blu-ray disks. I can only play them on my computer. So I rip them to a .mp4 file and store them on a WD NAS drive. I have a PLEX server installed on my NAS drive that categorizes the video and audio files. This allows me to search and stream video and audio files just like on NetFlix. I cast to my TV/Chromecast via my cell or PC.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          This is the first Blu-ray I ever owned. Not exactly a classic movie...but who doesn't like Dolly Parton. I use to play guitar and I could never figure out how she could play with those long finger nails. She's so talented!

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Hi Janice...this interview, including Sam Rockwell comments of the making of Jo Jo Rabbit is very interesting.



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                              Yes Graham...I saw that video. At the time I wasn't really sure I would like the movie, but once it was nominated for Best Picture I just had to see it. I'm so glad I did. It well deserved the nomination.


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                                An old film I saw on my holidays as a child in 1965 "Dr Who and the Daleks", the old Margate cinema I saw it in is now a Salvation Army centre. I also have the B-film that was on with it on DVD.