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    Held back on the film screening I was going to do last night, got lazy and put on a silver blue-ray disc instead. "Kundun" directed by Martin Scorcese with co-producer Melissa Mathison, have done a amazing job of the true story of the fourteenth Dalai Lama. I understand Martin Scorcese did have a meeting with the Dalai Lama during the production......I certainly would highly recommend this movie.
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      Bit the bullet and upgraded the home screening room to 4K UHD so were really soak testing the new equipment.

      Watched Terminator Dark Fate 4K
      Masque of the red death Blu-Ray upscaled

      Ended with Cinema of our time. A super 8 documentary I produced oh only 30 years ago on S8 Kodachrome but not the film master, instead a 2K scan of it recently completed. The Warner Multiplex I filmed in was a wonderful cinema and so welcoming. Nice memories.


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        Changed from 8mm scope to Blu Ray last night. Not a film but the last of the "classic" series Dr Who stories, Survival by Rhona Munro. Restored picture from 1" VT up-scaled to HD with newly remixed 5.1 sound.


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          This blu-ray boxed set came up for sale late last year new for $35. Its a real bargain, here are a couple of screen shots from a screening just last week...excellent value.
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            What else but the Bu-Ray of Easter Parade, a stunning transfer in glorious Technicolor. Fred and Judy at the top of their game with wonderful songs and dance. It doesn't get better than this.

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              A few moths ago I watched the movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai" now although its a good film in its own right, last nights screening of "The Railway Man" based on the book by Eric Lomax, who as a 21 year old at the time of the surrender, was forced to work on that railway. I feel this film is much more accurate as to the extent of the horrors of that time, and to the long term effects of many of those who survived. "The Railway Man" was filmed in part on the actual railway itself and the real bridge over the River Kwai.....I would certainly highly recommend it.

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              Here is a photo of Eric Lomax and Takashi Nagase.

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                I'm Going for a Larry Cohen double feature tonight! First up Q: THE WINGED SERPENT, then THE STUFF.

                Q is a Scream Factory release and THE STUFF is an arrow release, both of which look nice.

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                  They do say nostalgia is a wonderful thing..

                  Watched Batman 1989 4K UHD which was jaw dropping good. Very near the quality of 89 when we went to see it in 70mm at the WB Multiplex. If you have my Super 8 film documentary CINEMA OF OUR TIME you see the 70mm print being projected. Memorable..

                  Watched my S8 documentary first following my 2K scan of it then the S8 Batman trailer on el Elmo.


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                    I probably should have started a new tread, "What Did You Stream Last Night", but...

                    Last night I watched the film The Lost City Of Cecil B. Demille on Amazon Prime. It is a documentary about the making of the 1923 version of The Ten Commandments, and the nightmare story of two amateur archeologists who since 1983 have been trying to locate and dig up the Egyptian sets where Demille buried it in the sand near Santa Barbara California. They got permission from the site's owner, but then discovered that in the years since 1923, the site is now a protected environmental sensitive area, and they were repeatedly stopped over the years from doing an archeological dig because the county could not decide what permits were needed, and kept either changing it's mind, or demanding outrageous fees and the hiring of unneeded people for the project.

                    A lot of the extras who were in the film were still alive back in 1983, and he interviewed some of them, along with Demille's grand? daughter who was on the set along with details regarding Demille's stormy relationship with Paramount Pictures over the cost of the film.

                    It is a really interesting film about a piece of film history and modern politics.


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                      Had a little break from Reel film to watch this excellent Blu-Ray DEADLIER THAN THE MALE 1966. It is part of my Techniscope filmed collection and also in Technicolor.
                      The film itself is on a parallel with the 60's Bond movies and has many star faces in it. Really an excellent movie with screenplay by Jimmy Sangster and beautifully filmed. It is on offer at the moment from Networkonair.
                      Extras are 1966 interviews, Trailer, Location reports, images and PDF promo materials.


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                        Originally posted by Mitchell Dvoskin View Post
                        I probably should have started a new tread, "What Did You Stream Last Night", but...
                        Well when you play a Blu-ray disc the data comes off in a stream down the HDMI lead so I can't see the difference myself.

                        Anyway I watched a couple of episodes of the ITC series Department S which was made on 35mm film and the transfer is superb, unfortunately it shows up any dodgy back projection when seen on a 5ft screen and good speakers can reveal sound that has been recorded later and dubbed in. It's amazing what you could get away with in the 1960's with 405 line TV. :-)


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                          Last night a film "Based on an idea by William Shakespeare - yes "Carry on Cleo". An excellent transfer only the Anglo Amalgamated static logo at the start was not steady. I brought back memories of watching it at the Brixton ABC/Regal when first released. The cinema is still there but now a music venue and seems a lot smaller when I last visited than it did in those days.


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                            Nice Brian

                            Finished the Universal BR Legacy Collections with House of Frankenstein. Reflections of all those sets is that whoever did the controls in mastering completely killed off any shadow detail raising such high black levels a shame. Nice to have them but somewhat over baked.


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                              Tonight blu-ray using the Panasonic VP "A Monster Calls" a very moving and gripping story, Lewis MacDougall as young Connor who story is of dealing with his mothers terminal illness. Sigourney Weaver as his grandmother, Felicity Jones as his mother and Liam Neeson as the monster. Its a movie that I would highly recommend.
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                                All six episodes of "Genesis of the Daleks", Tom Baker Dr Who, upscaled and restored with 5.1 remixed soundtrack projected. I don't thinpartsome of this true HD as with some others.