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  • Invaders from Mars 1953. Finally restored on Blu Ray. Big improvement in quality on previous versions in all formats.

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    • Thanks Ed

      I will keep an eye out for it


      • If you want to watch a movie that can bring a to your face, then this blu-ray I watched last night is the one to go for.


        • I notice its out in 4K in saying that the average blu-ray is very good, tonight it was a chill out evening and what better way to chill out that watching Willy Wonka from 1971 on the Epson VP. This is one blu-ray I can sit back and watch anytime and never tire of it.

          Willy Wonka, I feel is a classic timeless film.

          Highly recommend this blu-ray release, I wonder how it can be any better on 4K, as I can't fault in any way this one
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          • Originally posted by Graham Ritchie View Post
            I notice its out in 4K in saying that the average blu-ray is very good... I wonder how it can be any better on 4K...
            The 4k version comes highly recommended, by reviewers. I have not seen the upgraded release yet.

            Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was shot on 35 mm photochemical film using Arriflex 35 IIC and Mitchell BNCR cameras with spherical lenses, and was finished photochemically for release at the 1.85:1 theatrical aspect ratio. For the film’s 50th anniversary debut on Ultra HD, Warner has scanned the original camera negative in native 4K, completed a digital restoration, and graded the image for high dynamic range (HDR10 only is available on the disc). The result is a marked improvement on any previous home presentation, with a significant uptick in resolution, more refined texturing, and a dramatic boost in color fidelity and saturation. The film has always had a uniquely 1970s Kodachrome appearance, but its palette has never looked better than it does here, with vibrant hues that practically burst off the screen. Highlights are very bold—Charlie’s much-coveted Golden Ticket now has a genuinely eye-reactive metallic gleam—while shadows are truly dark yet retain good detail. Grain is medium-light to medium but organic. A few shots are optically soft as photographed, as are the film’s optically-printed titles and transitions, but on the whole this is a beautiful UHD presentation of a beloved catalog title.​


            • Thanks for that Ed I saw the 4k/blu-ray disc for sale last week for only $29 dollars brand new, and thought my present blu-ray was good as it gets, so didn't bother. I can see me now getting it soon the next time I pay JB Hi Fi a visit. One thing I have noticed with a lot of titles these days, is not to hesitate like I did with Willy Wonka as they only get them in for a certain time. "Imprint" especially with there limited runs. For anybody with a VP these days, we have never had it so good jumping back to DVD every so often. One title I have watched quite a bit, one that you recommend is "Sahara" with Humphry Bogart, that's an excellent movie, as with the the DVD of Hearts In Atlantis.

              At times I like to watch something quite different and this one below is it. Its an unusual film and when I saw it at the cinema, I think I was the only one there, but its stuck in my mind all those years, and very pleased to be able to watch it on blu-ray. The person who did the documentary for the Imprint release came onto the forum here, and he was the one to put me onto the Imprint release.
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              • One thing I have noticed with a lot of titles these days, is not to hesitate like I did with Willy Wonka as they only get them in for a certain time.
                If I can get a favorite film in 4k at a good price point I will buy it. I have a UHD Player and a 4k projector and a 12 foot wide scope screen, so the higher cost is worth it. On the other hand, I watch more on my 55" TV, so a 2k bluray is more than enough for a small screen. I have noticed that the 4k setup does a very nice job of up-converting lower resolution media.

                If you enjoyed Sahara, you might like Twelve O'Clock High. It is on bluray now (or you can watch it Youtube). It like Sahara, focuses on the men, not the battles. Here is a low res clip from Youtube:


                • Thanks Ed I only have "Twelve Ó'Clock High" on DVD, I will have to keep an eye out for the blu-ray. Tonight I got round to watching "Distant Thunder", its the first time I have ever seen this movie.

                  I thought it was well done, superb series acting in particular by John Lithgow. "Distant Thunder" 1988, certainly kept my attention from start to finish, all up a good movie and well directed.

                  Both picture and sound are excellent.
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                  • I looked up Distant Thunder on IMDB and there were 8 movies with that name, and I don't recall any of them. 😀 That scene in the trailer where Lithgow looses it and starts to pummel the other guy reminded me of A History of Violence. You appear to be one of the 1500 folks who got the limited release bluray from Imprint. I see that Scarecrow video has the DVD (and a VHS tape). I'll add this title to my "to watch" list.

                    Here is that scene from A History of Violence I mentioned:


                    • Yvonne picked out this title from "Imprint" a few weeks ago on a visit to JB Hi Fi store, we both watched it lately on the Epson VP, afterwards Yvonne did not think much of the movie, however I thought it was good, I enjoyed it, its a stunning transfer. Each to there own regarding the movie content, but as I say I thought it was well done, I liked it.
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                      • Tonight it was this blu-ray, its not the first time I have watched "Non Stop" its full on suspense, with plenty of twists and turns, just the thing I like about a movie excellent picture as with sound, a good nights entertainment.


                        • Being Saturday night last night had me thinking should I watch a double feature? something nice and easy to watch I thought all about Liberad A Willy that's Spanish I think for Free Willy, this blu-ray came from Spain but it goes straight to English DTS 5:1 which is neat as its a title you cant get here. The Picture quality is really good as with the sound. A nice step back in time when we all went to the cinema to watch it. Second choice was going to be The Fog but decided on another blast from the past with the live action of 2003 release of Peter Pan that we ran the 35mm print at the cinema long ago.

                          By the way the Peter Pan 2003 Scope Super8 trailer is really good, With Free Willy I have the 35mm trailer on one of my mix it reels.

                          Anyway The Fog will be good on its own tonight
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                          A couple of screen shots from last night.
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                          Trailer also on 35mm but as flat not Scope like the Super8
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                          For me the Super 8 feature release is one of the best color films released by Derann and simply magic to screen through the GS1200.
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                          • Click image for larger version

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                            Last night I watched the three hour epic Oppenheimer. I decided not to view it in my home cinema since I knew I would not sit still for 3 hours. I had read the reviews, and already knew that this would be a "talking heads" kind of movie, with occasional explosions. I also was well aware of the complaints about unintelligible dialog in Nolan films. I am glad to report my concerns had no merit.

                            The DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack is superb. Although many scenes have the background music competing with the dialogue, I had no problems understanding the dialogue. Everyone talks a lot in this film, and they often speak rapidly to get across their point.

                            It's wedded to virtually nonstop music by Ludwig Göransson that fuses with the equally relentless dialogue and monologues to create an odd but distinctive sort of scientifically expository aria that's probably what it would feel like to read American Prometheus while listening to a playlist of Philip Glass film scores.
                            Credit: Matt Zoller Seitz July 19, 2023, (

                            The 4k image is excellent, but since the aspect ratio varies from IMAX flat to letterboxed scope, I preferred watching it 16:9 TV screen.

                            The 3 hour runtime is not a problem. I pressed play on the remote, and did not stir for and hour and 40 minutes. It turned out that at about the 1:37 the film has a perfect place for an intermission. I downloaded the subtitles file for the movie and found the exact spot to break for intermission:

                            01:37:18,898 --> 01:37:20,733
                            What do we call the test?

                            01:37:21,834 --> 01:37:25,605
                            "Batter my heart,
                            three-person'd god.

                            01:37:25,638 --> 01:37:26,739

                            01:37:28,108 --> 01:37:29,508

                            Cillian Murphy does a great job carrying the film, and the supporting cast is solid. The film is good enough to merit more than a single viewing.


                            • Ed

                              I just picked up the blu-ray of "Oppenheimer" this week so hope to watch it very soon.

                              Last night Steven my son payed us a visit and I said I have just the movie for you? what is it? you will see he always does that and I never give away what it will be. I like to keep people in the dark

                              Well it was this one "Apollo 11" and I must say the 70mm footage is truly amazing to watch. Its a must have to own for any blu-ray collection, Steven was amazed not just of the film itself, but the quality of the image shown on the Epson VP, certainly recommend it.


                              • It was a couple of nights ago after picking up a copy of Jurassic Park "Dominion" this week that I thought I should give it another go watching this movie. The last time was at the cinema, and at the time I was not impressed with it. In fact I was glad to get to the end after getting my ears blasted for over two hours was really enough for me.

                                So this time round, and the fact I have control of the volume I managed to watch the whole thing, what did I think? well I still don't think to much of the movie. I still feel it really was a missed opportunity with having both the cast members of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World not to come up with I think a better script. As far as the blu-ray is concerned, both the picture and sound are really excellent, and its much more enjoyable to watch on the VP at home than the last time at the cinema. I am glad to have given "Dominion" another go, at the low price for under $20 the disc was worth it. I am looking forward to going through the special features sometime in the near future.

                                After watching the last two movies, I thought that tonight it was a time for a different direction, what better than just the "Bad News Bears", included here are a couple of screen shots from its last screening with the grandkids.
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