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  • "Mutiny On The Bounty" "B" region "French import" with English soundtrack.

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    • Its a wonderful film that one and we project the 400ft S8 first here. Nice BR to have on Arrow over here.

      Taken delivery of the new excellent 4K restoration of AFRICA SCREAMS A&C which also includes some A&C 3D extras. A film long overdue for a resto and crafted by 3D Film Archive with some amazing extras worth every penny.
      This special edition is a limited run of only 2500 so if you are thinking of getting it don't think too long.

      My Super 8 sound feature has gradually lost its contrast over oh 40+ years so I'll retire it to the memory box.

      Around $28
      • Main Movie 4K Restored
      • Audio commentary from noted author and Abbott and Costello historian Ron Palumbo
      • The Rubdown sketch (restored Abbott and Costello comedy sketch from live television in 1953)
      • Abbott and Costello radio show with Bela Lugosi (the complete recording session as transcribed on February 23, 1948 and the final broadcast master of May 5, 1948)
      • Lou Costello filmed interview with Max Baer and Joe Louis on July 2, 1940 following Baer's fight with Tony "Two Ton" Galento in Jersey City (this footage was taken nearly four months before the world premiere of Lou's first feature film One Night in the Tropics)
      • Restored Abbott and Costello 3-D comic book from October 1953. This photo gallery can be viewed in either discrete polarized Blu-ray 3-D for viewers with that capability or standard red/cyan anaglyphic 3-D which requires no special equipment and can be seen on any display or monitor
      • One pair of replica Super-Sight 3-D glasses
      • Selected outtakes/bloopers taken on set during production
      • Photo gallery with original posters, lobby cards, press book ballyhoo and trade magazine/newspaper advertisements from both the 1949 and 1953 theatrical releases
      • Photo gallery with production stills taken on the set during principal photography
      • Clyde Beatty's Animal Thrills short film released by Castle Films in November 1943
      • Trailers (Two Cinecolor trailers for comparison as Africa Screams was originally reported to be shot in Cinecolor):
        • 35mm nitrate Cinecolor trailer for El Paso, scanned in 4K resolution
        • 35mm SuperCinecolor trailer for Bud and Lou's first color feature Jack and the Beanstalk, scanned in 4K resolution


      • Twilight Time 1953 BENEATH THE 12 MILE REEF Cinemascope

        We completed the Techniscope filmed collection so decided to get a small number of the first Cinemascope titles. BeNEATH the 12 mile reef was the 3rd filmed in Cinemascope and as a youngster I was always fascinated by Gilbert Roland looking forward to further screenings on TV. nearly 50 years later here we have a pin sharp colourful Technicolor Cinemascope film making the most of the scope lens. The shots in Florida are pretty breath-taking off the gulf for instance.
        It's another of the Twilight titles that only received a limited print of 3000 but is still finable to buy and enjoy. A nice BR for your collection from those golden Fox Scope years along with Herrmann's fabulous music score.
        Twilight Time have now ceased trading and a great loss but you can still view the site for an idea of discs they produced for collectors, I will very much miss them.


        • Its been fun watching this blu-ray over the last couple of nights "27#1 singles=1", using the Panasonic VP. Both picture and sound went through the restoration process in 2015. You also have a choice as to how you want to hear it, stereo or 5:1 mixed. I went for DTS 5:1 and it sounded great.

          The blu-ray also comes with a audio commentary by Paul McCartney and Video introductions by Ringo Starr.

          A must have for anyone who likes good music and a step back in time to the 1960s

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          • A few nights ago we watched this German import, but I forgot to go to the menu first and change it to "Englisch" however after a quick move to the menu I was back on track ....good movie with an excellent cast and soundtrack.
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            • Last night , for me , it was the NEW CRITERION COLLECTION 4K Restoration of George Pal's THE WAR OF THE WORLDS !!
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              I ran it also in converted 3-D on my 3-D TV which was also a BIG plus !
              Not only that but in the new 5.1 Stereo Surround ( which really put you right in the middle of ALL the action ! it was absolutely amazing ! )
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ID:	14134 Of course one of the best things about this restoration is they were able to take out the black " wires " that you could see holding up the Martian ships on the old DVD and Laser Disc versions .
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ID:	14139 And I tell you color was just wonderful , much more vivid than even my digital camera could take off the TV screen !!
              It is also packed with loads of special features and I do recommend this NEW BLURAY disc to all !
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              • Brilliant David, I was drooling over this, after reading about its release just last week on the internet I hope it makes its way "down under" soon


                • Watched those three over the last week, one a night...excellent picture quality and sound. I enjoyed "Blade Runner 2049" the story followed on nicely from the original. "Khartoum" was also excellent, it comes with heaps of extras. Finally "The Caine Mutiny" special edition, once again excellent picture quality, along with a DTS 5:1 soundtrack.

                  All movies were projected using the Panasonic VP
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                  • The new 4K scanned and really rather beautiful Blu-Ray of THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF (Scream Factory) 1960-Resto 2020)
                    1.85:1 ratio
                    Superb job here of this Hammer Production along with some decent extras well done Scream!

                    ALSO! The excellent work of PROJECT 4K77 STAR WARS A NEW HOPE released of Blu-Ray in its original un mutilated 1977 form.

                    This is something to behold for the original Star Wars lifetime fans as follows..
                    A group of dedicated fans got together with quite a bit of know how and set about bringing this cinematic slice of our cultural history back to how it was seen in 1977 which I remember well seeing it in London on the first day of opening which some freinds.

                    This great group of fans have done a 4K scan of a Technicolor print and the view is pretty awesome make no mistake with beautiful sound as well. It is available to download but also now on BR in a tweaked for of your choice. You can have it with visible film grain or with digital noise reduction, I went for the latter and it is easy on the eye.
                    I banged on years ago when projecting my Super 8 scope feature we would see it eventually and here it is at long last. Sharp, colourful and in original form without the animated mess dropped on it a few years ago.

                    RETURN OF THE JEDI is also available said to be amazing again and they are working on Empire at the moment to complete the set.

                    10/10 for quality. 10/10 for original sound. 10/10 for the dedication of the fans who made the magic happen.

                    Interesting watch from 2016 when this wonder all started...

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                    • Well folks if you like a good action packed submarine movie the blu-ray of "Hunter Killer" is certainly one. I have watched this one a few times using the Panasonic VP now, as I really enjoyed it.


                      • I have watched this Blu-ray of WOTW, and I have two comments ... All the sharper that they make this film, brings out the limits of the special effects of the time ... And ... I truly wish that at least one of these Blu-ray companys would release the Films in they're actual 35mm full frame


                        • Saturday August 1


                          directed by Godfrey Reggio maker of the Koyannisqatsi series of non verbal art films

                          As with the others this was outstanding in the tradition of his work. This beautiful motion picture is loaded with many images that make you think of Ansel Adams. It's the movie that stares back at you. Which asks the burning question,"Is Doug real or a cyborg."

                          ok....enuff monkeying around.....

                          Youtube trailer:


                          and here's a clip telling you more about what the movie is:

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                          • Chip,

                            Very interesting trailer. I’ll have to watch the film to see if I’m a cyborg or not! if I am, it’s probably an inferior model......


                            • Originally posted by Douglas Meltzer View Post

                              Very interesting trailer. I’ll have to watch the film to see if I’m a cyborg or not! if I am, it’s probably an inferior model......
                              I take it you got my email.....LOL


                              • Well after night after night the last few months, I am now starting to run out of new movies to watch so it was back to having another screening of one of them being "Boychoir" 2015. I did a bit of research to see if this title has made it onto the US blu-ray market yet, well its still not looking good for that to happen in the US in the near future. However for those in the US, there is now a DVD region 1, but my understanding its a Pal import.

                                I really feel sorry for all the folk involved in this film, even the US cinema release was very limited, and what I read even the TV transmission of it was pulled at the last minute.

                                Its fortunate that else where this kind of thing did not happen, and the blu-ray through the "Becker Film Group" is available in most other countries. Its rating here is "PG" ,which is the same low rating as "The Simpsons Movie" , "Tintin", and the excellent Disney animated film "Frozen", they also have a "PG" rating. The reason I mention this, is to show there is nothing offensive in "Boychoir" its a good movie.

                                Going of tact a wee bit, when you watch Dustin Hoffman, the thought that came to mind, that as an actor, he has been in a huge number of films during his career and still going strong....amazing. One said film, and its also out on blu-ray is "Papillon" 1973 where he starred along with Steve McQueen.

                                Anyway back to the original subject, here are a couple of screen shots from the blu-ray using the Panasonic VP, also a "link" where actor Garrett Wareing and director of "Boychoir" Francois Girard talk about the time on the set with one Dustin Hoffman

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