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  • Earthquake. Part of a "70's Films that define a decade" Universal box set I found reduced to £6.99 in HMV some time ago. Very grainy, I suspect due to the may process shots and I suspect they didn't want them to stick out too much so the other shots are rather grainy too.


    • Well, I finally got around to watching The Last Picture Show. DVD (not Blu-ray). Excellent acting, cinematography , actually everything. In fact the film confirmed what I already suspected, that outside the major cities everything in Texas is really black & white. The landscape, the buildings, the people, everything. One of the few films about unhappy people leading unhappy lives that I actually liked, although it could have used a chainsaw killer or two.

      As too War Of The Worlds, the new Blu-ray looks and sounds stunning. In fact it is the best video transfer of the film yet. That said, 2 weeks before the Blu-ray was released I got to see a 35mm IB Tech print. Over the years this was the third 35mm IB print I have seen, and my only criticism of the Blu-ray is the colors seemed somewhat muted on the Blu-ray compared to the various prints, both on my Panasonic VP and my LG 65” 4K flat screen. Yes, I could have boosted the color intensity but I had spent a lot of time calibrating both displays and did not want to screw it up. On the supplement about the restoration they said that they used an IB vault print as a reference, and I have no reason to doubt that, but I suspect it was a later reissue print. Again, don’t let me put anyone off from buying this, the film has never looked better on video.


      • Watched "Interstellar" blu-ray projected using the Panasonic VP. What an amazing movie, I did notice the ratio changes on and of, from 2.40:1 to the Imax one. I guess this is where the 70mm camera was used in special effects. The quality of the blu-ray is simply stunning, and with a running time of 2hrs 45min you are in for the long haul so sit back and enjoy the ride


        • After mentioning Dustin Hoffman many screen appearances in the previous page here on "Boychoir". I thought I would again watch "Papillon 1973" the other night.

          I remember when Papillon came out at the cinema, the book was for sale around the same time, has anyone here ever read it?

          With a running time of 2hr 30min its a long movie. The picture quality was projected using the Panasonic VP. The blu-ray as with the DTS 5:1 soundtrack is excellent. I would certainly recommend "Papillon". Its hard to imagine its now been 47 years since it first hit the big screen, how time flies.
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          Screen shot from the other night.....

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          • Last night "The Forger" Good story.... sad ending.
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            • Watched "La Costa de los Mosquitos" in Ingles last night from 1986. This was the only "B"region I could get a year or so ago of this release, as you can guess, it came from Spain through amazon. The picture quality although not right up there with some of the stuff on blu-ray these days. I still thought overall it was pretty good, and certainly worth getting.

              Its hard to imagine that its now been 34 years since it was made. I should add its a good story with excellent acting and cast.
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              A couple of quick screen shots...
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              • Just watched GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL on blu ray. Originally VistaVision so excellent picture quality and some lovely colour and compositions in the shots. Good drama and acting. Forgotten how good this one was. The sound was mono but they have given a little bit to the left, right and rears. Just ambience, nothing like the PSYCHO treatment. If you have the edition of PSYCHO with the totally rebuilt 5.1 now that's a revelation.


                • Greetings Ste and to the owd home county :-) Always liked that film as I did Mosquito Coast.

                  Been running quite a bit of 2K film scans of 8mm projects we have been filming the last 2 years prior to editing, I guess that just about comes under the HD thread?

                  Taken delivery of the Daniel Craig Collection of Bond 4K UHD and very impressed with the quality on my 8ft screen. I would SO love to see a sequence on Super 8 become available to order what a great watch and joy that would be to project.

                  Also watched LOCOMOTION on the BFO BTF 70th Anniversary disc and that is a wonder to behold at a mere £8 if you shop around.


                  • When we were out shopping tonight and on the way past our local multi-plex. I noticed they are running a series of Jurassic movies, one a night at 6.30 pm only. I was thinking of going, but time wise I was to late. However that gave me the idea to watch it later at home. The only difference is I can watch it through the Epson VP and the Epson 3D glasses. I must say the detail you get with the 3D is out of this world I really wonder how they do it, its truly amazing in 3D
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                    • Well if there was one CGI film I have always liked, its the "Madagascar" series.

                      I watched the "3D blu-ray" version of this one last night, and in "3D" it looked just fantastic...



                      • Well it was the turn of "Jurassic World" in 3D tonight using the Epson VP. Its not the first time I have watched it in 3D, and it certainly wont be the last...
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                        Great stuff


                        • Last night "The Smallest Show on Earth" Network release including alternative title sequence. The sound was good enough to identify where dialogue was overlapped form another take just before a cut to the person speaking.


                          • A welcome BR that is Brian.

                            ALIEN 40th Anniversary 4K Ultra HD.
                            My goodness astounding image quality and sound I have to say. It is the deep blacks that amaze me with 4K and this film features quite a bit looking fantastic.


                            • 4K83 Return of the Jedi The original cut beautifully restored and on Blu-Ray.

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                              • The Red Shoes (1948) - newly restored version on Blu-ray - spectacular high definition colour and a great film. The quality was so good with the Epson PJ on the big 3.1m (10ft) wide screen that it was hard to imagine this film is almost 75 years old, they obviously did a great restoration job:

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