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  • Thanks Ed

    "Enemy Mine" is one blu-ray I have been thinking about of late. I have it on DVD but not watched it yet, but I do remember seeing it years ago and my thinking from those days that it was a good movie.

    Regarding "The Flight Of The Phoenix" its a film that has stuck in my mind from when I saw it at the cinema on its release when I was about 13 years of age when it came out. One thing of interest of both actors, was the real life stories of both James Stewart as a bomber pilot and Hardy Kruger in the German military during the war years. I understand that Hardy Kruger had been given a death sentence for refusing to kill POWs. That execution order was later overturned by a senior officer.

    When you see both James Stewart and Hardy Kruger joking in the last scene over imperial or metric measurements, I cant help but think of what both had really gone through in WW2.

    Regarding the movie "The Martian" its impressive in 3D, its another one I can watch every so often, "Sahara", its been a few years but I will watch it again soon .
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    • If there was one film that should have been released full length it should have been "The Flight Of The Phoenix" I was pleased to get a edited Super 8 copy years ago, however ,thankfully its available on blu-ray "The Flight Of The Phoenix" was a must have release .

      Here is a wee blast from the past with a extract I placed onto you-tube a while back .

      There is a wonderful line by Ian Bannen....."you have done a wonderful job Hindrich.... but will it fly?".....


      • I was running a few 35mm trailers tonight, one of them was for the film "Road To Perdition" after watching them, that had me thinking of the blu-ray I do remember screening the 35mm print at the cinema many years ago, so I checked our old paper work tonight and there it was. The print arrived on the 27/9/02, now that is almost 20 years ago how time passes. I don't no if any of you have ever seen this film, but there is a scene where Tom Hanks character gets shot at the end, well at the cinema, when this particular scene was about to happen, I would look out from the projection room and "every time" those shots were fired, heads would jump, says a lot for our sound system eh!

        I was thinking tonight that the only thing better than this blu-ray would be a 35mm print itself, certainly our old 35mm trailer looks fantastic, just need the feature to go with it. In the blu-ray there is a introduction by director Sam Mendes, who talks about director of photography Conrad Hall ASC, and his passing a year later. I notice at the end of the "blu-ray" release there is a dedication to Conrad Hall during the end credits. Conrad Hall was the director of photography in another Paul Newman 1960s film "Cool Hand Luke" .

        Anyway a couple of screen shots from tonight .
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        • Road to Perdition did not seem to get the attention it deserved. I "discovered" it on DVD and remember enjoying it. Excellent photography by Mr Hall.


          • Ed

            A few years later Tom Hanks again teamed up with another actor from "Road To Perdition" and that's Stanley Tucci who was the Chicago gangster in "Road To Perdition".

            The film they were both in again was "The Terminal" directed by Steven Speilberg. This time Stanley Tucci plays the part, as head of airport security trying desperately to get Victor Navorski "Tom Hanks" to leave his terminal. Its a brilliant film and very funny. This was another print we ran at the cinema and it did very well.


            • Its well worth a watch


              • I love this film! This was certainly Tom Hanks best performance since Forest Gump. This was pretty much the last role for Paul Newman as well, and it was a great role to go out on.


                • With two recommendations for The Terminal, I'll definitely add this to my to watch list!


                  • Last night it was a bit of a double feature night being Saturday. One movie I have not watched in a long while, and unfortunately not available on blu-ray as yet, was "Searching For Bobby Fischer" based on a true story, its an outstanding film with an impressive cast. These days its getting rare to find any film with a "G" rating, well this has that rating which is a nice change.

                    Made in 1993, it won quite a few awards on its release in 1994. One being from the "American Society of Cinematographers" USA 1994. The winner ASC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases to "Conrad L. Hall". The very person mentioned above in "Road To Perdition".

                    Watching "Searching For Bobby Fischer" you can see why. One well known actor that I last watched in the brilliant movie "Passengers" was Laurence Fishburne, featured in this one as well. Taking also into account Ben Kingsley and of coarse Max Pomeranc as Josh Waitzkin. This is one film that really should get the blu-ray treatment.

                    After a short break, I thought I need to finish the night with something with plenty of action in it, so screened the blu-ray of Jurassic Park "The Lost World"...quote "don't go into the long grass"... ha ha. Watching some of those movies of late, and repeating some of the lines, just before they are said on the screen is a great memory test ....see I am not going ga ga well not just yet

                    Both movies last night were projected using the Epson VP . great stuff and recommend them both.
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                    • Graham inspired me last night: we wanted to watch a feature that we haven't seen in a long time and maybe some of us have never seen. I remembered that we have The Terminal. I sought it out and found it still sealed in the package. (So help me, I have no memory of ever buying it!)

                      -Went over very well! (We have a certain fondness for Kennedy Airport: it's figured in many of our best adventures!)



                      • Your welcome Steve glad you enjoyed it


                        • I do not have blu ray but have a huge collection of vhs and dvd. My Epsom projector up scales the definition. Yesterday I screened for the umpteenth time Frozen for our 5 year old granddaughter in the Retro Roxy. First screened it to our eldest granddaughter when she was 5. She is now nearly 18. I have 4 others in between who have watched it. Amazing that it appears to be the favourite film of little girls, and some boys throughout the world. Hope I am forgiven for putting this post on the blu ray post. Ken Finch


                          • I also screened the original Jurassic Park last week for one of the grandchildren on VHS! Through the Epsom. Except for the very occasional glitch image quality still very watchable. Yes I stlll have Panasonic VHS recorders that work!! Ken Finch.


                            • Originally posted by Ken Finch View Post
                              I do not have blu ray but have a huge collection of vhs and dvd... Hope I am forgiven for putting this post on the blu ray post. Ken Finch
                              Ken, no need to ask for forgiveness. This is where we all post about viewings not on film.


                              • The 1984 (released in 1985) film of 1984 with John Hurt, Richard Burton and Suzanna Hamilton (from the film of Swallows and Amazons). I wanted to see this to compare with the 1954 BBC version, now released on Blu Ray, it was a 405 line film telerecording with the film sequences edited in so the quality varied. With the nudity in the later version I think there would have been more complaints if t hat had been broadcast than there were with the TV version!!